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Jul 5, 2013 12:53 PM

Last night in Rome- special dinner with kids?

We'd like to take our two girls, ages 9 & 11, to a special dinner our last night in Rome (we'll have been in Tuscany the week prior). Something that will feel "special occasion" to them where they can dress up a little bit, but not too gourmet or adult, as after all, they're kids! Any recommendations? Some place with great food (but doesn't need to be fancy) and memorable atmosphere to close out our family trip would be great. Grazie in advance!

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. If you are going in summertime, a Roman dinner starts fairly late in the evening. Is that going to be OK given the age of your kids and the fact that you have a flight to catch the next morning (not too early I hope).

      Would you prefer the best possible food even if it means a more ordinary restaurant in terms of interior decor or would you eat pedestrian food in favor of a lively piazza? Do your kids have any particular passions or hates (fried foods, pizza, cheeses)?

      1. Will this be soon? this summer?
        Because if you are here in the summer, then going to a place where you can sit in a beautiful piazza will be a magical way to end your trip.

        I'd suggest Pierluigi, which has great food, a bit upscale, but not overly fancy. But definitely a dress up kind of place, which formal waiters, etc.

        1. It is for August 2nd. Pierluigi looks fantastic- should we request to sit inside or out? Is it really hot at night (we will probably book an early time). Also any recommendations for a 5 star hotel nearby there? I am about to cancel my reservation with Hotel Splendide Royale because they will not respond to any of my emails.

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            Definitely sit outside at Pierluigi, and it is a fish restaurant, just to be sure you know.

            Chowhound moderators don't permit conversation or advice that isn't food related, but there are other travel-specific message boards for answers about your hotel questions.

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              Yes, you should definitely sit outside. And while they do have lovely fish, it's not just a seafood restaurant at all (as mentioned by berninibee). They also have many non meat dishes.

              The nearest 5star hotel near this restaurant is the St. George, down the street.