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Jul 5, 2013 12:35 PM

Halal fine dining NYC

Hoping for a nice halal steakhouse or more of a fine dining experience in NYC. Alternatively a new halal restaurant that has a nice decor. Zabihah doesn't have all the restaurants listed and certainly doesn't have the newer ones. Help me out, thx

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  1. Not quite a steakhouse, but would this qualify? You might have to call up to see if it qualifies as halal. Ma Peche is part of the David Chang empire:

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      Given the amount of pork in David Chang's cookery, I doubt that the kitchen is serving zabihah halal food.

      I do not think there are any steakhouses that are halal in the city. Your safest bets are the high-end South Asian and Middle Eastern restaurants: Junoon, ilili and Al Bustan should meet your criteria.

    2. If we are talking strictly halal, even restaurants that have menu items that appear halal are NOT. Much like the rules for kosher food - which are basically the same - if pork has even touched a plate or pan, anything else that touches it is un-halal / un-kosher after that. Nor would any of the meats at any of the aformentioned suggestions have been slaughtered according to halal guidelines, unless they explicitly state it on their websites / menus. Junoon for sure isn't.

      There aren't many high-end kosher restaurants, but those that are would also double as halal given the amount of crossover (kosher laws are stricter than halal, of which some branches allow some kinds of shellfish, as well as mixing dairy and meat) - probably the biggest ones are the Prime Hospitality Group's places - Prime Grill / Prime KO (Japanese-style steakhouses with sushi) and Solo (only seafood and dairy served)

      Also, vegetarian restaurants, obviously. No issues there. Dirt Candy is a fun place with hearty food even most carnivores enjoy.

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      1. re: sgordon says Junoon has halal items and an interview online with their culinary creative director suggests they source halal meat, but I could very well be wrong. I haven't asked them before.

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          Many of the listings on Zabihah are essentially hearsay, and often from one person only.

          A lot depends on how strict the OP is. For someone who is very strict, having halal items wouldn't be enough - the whole restaurant would have to be halal.

          I have friends who are "kosher" - in quotes because while they don't eat pork or shellfish or mix meat and dairy, they'll eat anywhere as long as what's on the plate conforms to those rules, and don't concern themselves with sourcing too much when dining out. On the other hand, I've got Hasidic relatives who go overboard in the other direction, and probably wouldn't shake hands with someone who's not kosher. Everyone's got their interpretation, I guess.

      2. This is your best bet. I have been there several times and keep craving their halal steaks! They are in Astoria, Queens.

        You can thank me later!

        1. Unfortunately there are not very many halal establishments that qualify as "fine dining" in the NYC area.

          I agree that Cairo steak house in Astoria is your best bet for halal steak. Other places to consider:

          1. Mamak: a relatively new Malayisan restaurant that serves up fresh, authentic Malay cuisine.

          2. Taci's Beyti: a Turkish restaurant in Coney Island, Brooklyn

          3. Tre Piani: this is actually a restaurant in NJ, not NY; Italian restaurant which has a halal menu. I personally have not been there so cannot comment on the quality of the food but may offer what you are seeking.

          Hope this helps!