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Breakfast Burrito and other Recs - we'll be in PB (yes, I know...)

I know Pacific Beach is not a Chowhound beloved neighborhood, but my grandparents have lived there for 40 years, so - that is where we stay. We are coming from Chicago and it has been impossible to find a good breakfast burrito here. Or fish tacos. Or Cali style Mexican Food. So, basically, we'll be sticking close to PB (with occasional side trips up to Clairemont Mesa for the in-laws) and trying to eat the best (and by best, that definitely includes dives) fish tacos, carne asada, and breakfast burritos we can on the sly, while eating a couple of crackers with the grandparents and pretending that they fill us up. Thank you for your recs!!!!

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  1. Kono's has the best bkfst burritos most folks think. I like Taco Surf (Cal Mex, not really authentic) for fish tacos etc. I'm sure there are other good places too.

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      +1 on Kono's, which will also supply the appropriate amount of the So-Cal beach experience.

    2. It is hard to argue with the view at Kono's, but I prefer the breakfast burritos at Taco Surf.

      I haven't had a breakfast burrito at La Playa Taco Shop, but their huevos rancheros are good. It is a good spot for lunch as well.

      1. I have not eaten there, but The Fishery is pretty popular on the SD Board.

        1. I can second the Fishery, and I have eaten there. Very casual atmosphere with great fresh seafood preparations (including fish tacos).

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            I like the Fishery also. Good fish and some decent wine choices.

          2. Kono's
            Bahia Don Bravo's
            The Mission
            Taco Surf
            World Famous
            Green Flash

            FYI..nobody calls So. Cal..'Cali'..even in food reference.

            Have fun!

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              "FYI..nobody calls So. Cal..'Cali'..even in food reference.

              Ding, ding, ding...we have a winner here. As a native Southern Californian and native San Diegan hearing CA being called Cali is like nails on a chalk board for me. Not to menetion the surest way to identify an out-of-towner/non-local

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                    Actually, I was born in Escondido, making me a native in a town that so many move to instead. As a transient military brat, though, the longest time I lived in San Diego was during my undergrad at SDSU.

                    But some derision is what I deservedly get for thoughtlessly using some shorthand while typing my request on my iPhone! I hope at some point to get a little of my own back when a So. Cal. native asks for giardiniera on their combo down on Des Plaines Avenue here in Chi-town.

                    I appreciate your time responding and the recommendations in spite of my slip-up! We are looking forward to our trip next week and trying out as many of your suggestions as we can. All the best to you!

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                        Aloha SD native CamsMom!
                        Me too..
                        You can bust my huevos when I'm in Chi town.
                        ; )

                        PB has a great Greek place called Cafe Athena..Roberto's taco shop and Luigi's are great spots to hit up at Belmont Park/Mission Beach with the Wave and the roller coaster..rent beach cruisers at Hamel's and hit up oceanfront World Famous..good for breakfast too.

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                        It's like how San Franciscans feel about calling their city "Frisco"

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                        FYI..nobody calls So. Cal..'Cali'..even in food reference.

                        Actually, I think many in Arizona do. Makes my skin crawl.

                      4. The local chain of mexican fast food restaurants, formerly Santana's, now know as MXN has several respectable breakfast burritos. I like the Buenas Dias Burrito (bacon, egg, cheese, potatoes, salsa as desired). They all have drive through so a morning "Burrito on the Beach" is easy.

                        1. Fish Tacos/Carne Asada:
                          - just go out and try places... Each place has their own small take on these SD staples and, what one poster loves, another can't stand. You have to feel it out yourself.
                          - That being said, for Fish Tacos I'd hit Rubio's, Oscars, and La Playa in PB and Wahoo's and El Pescador in La Jolla; for CA, try Roberto's, Rigoberto's, Taco Surf and the Mission has CA on for both breakfast and lunch.

                          Breakfast Burrito:
                          - I'll have to disagree on Kono's having the best anything. If you are looking for the biggest breakfast on the beach, it is the right place to go.
                          - La Playa Taco Shop is a family run, small taco shop that does a great breakfast burrito. They also have some more breakfast choices, like Huevos Divorciados, that I don't see regularly in other places.

                          Other places:
                          - I really like California Kebab. They have a great location that doesn't get slammed. Good beer selection and the food menu is diverse, but don't get the kebab if you've been to Berlin.
                          - Bare Back Grill often has interesting meat selections for their burgers. I know you probably didn't leave Chicago for a burger, but it's burger month here in SD!
                          - Both the Fish Shop and the Fishery have fish tacos, but I would go different items at both these places and save the tacos for the shops...

                          1. If you want great mexican food in PB go to El Rey Moro on Garnet/Balboa right across the street from Del Weinerschnitzel (sp?). Not a pretty spot, but excellent food! Always full of mexican people eating there, always a good sign!