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Jul 5, 2013 11:42 AM

Raleigh area for MD blue crabs??

Anyone know of a Triangle restaurant offering MD crabs?

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  1. Do you specifically mean crabs from Maryland, or do you mean steamed crabs that you crack and pick yourself (even if they aren't from MD)? I don't think the latter exists in the Triangle.

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    1. Blue crab is the largest fishery in North Carolina. Not sure why you would want to import them from Maryland.

      1. They are not in Raleigh but if consider a road trip:

        1. Fishmonger's in Durham has had them in the past -- give them a call. I only wish they served hushpuppies.

          1. Carolina dawg - either kind of steamed crabs would be great. I did pull up Backfins menu and gave them a call - pretty expensive but maybe worth it. Thanks to all.

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              I don't hink they'll ever be cheap. Catching those suckers is work!