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Jul 5, 2013 11:38 AM

Spanish tapas recommendations in Downtown SF? Coqueta or other?

I'm looking for Spanish tapas for dinner while I'm in town next week. I adored the food in Valencia and hoping to recreate the experience. Any place to recommend? I'm guessing Coqueta even at the bar is going to be impossible with the Chronicle review. ( and beside I've read some varying reports...).


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  1. Contigo's the best. Kind of a schlep from downtown but easy to get to on public transit.

    I like B44, though that's Catalan rather than Spanish.

    Bocadillos (Basque) has been great in the past but they were off their game last time I went. They just got a new chef so maybe there's been an infusion of energy and attention.

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    1. Coqueta is not impossible at the bar but I didn't think it was worth the wait. Was it good yes.....but not for the price, wait and crowds. I agree with Robert. Contigo is amazing. Worth the trek. Good luck trying to get anything close to Valencia food...but Contigo is great!

      1. Reservation to Contigo made- thanks for the advice, all!
        Am I best taking MUNI or taking a cab from Union Square? I'm an independent international traveler, but not familiar with this part of the Castro as a solo traveler.


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          Contigo's in Noe Valley, over the hill from the Castro. You can take the J subway (the view over Dolores Park is spectacular) to 24th and walk three blocks. It's a pretty affluent neighborhood.

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            Thanks so much. I hadn't mapped it yet- jut saw Castro as the street and assumed.... Lol. I really appreciate the great advice.

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              As a Noe Valley resident, the J is the best plan. Though, like all Muni options, it can be slow. As a woman often walking alone, I don't feel unsafe in the neighborhood, especially on 24th Street between Contigo and the J.
              That said, the J can be erratic, so if you are in a hurry, a cab is not a bad option.