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Jul 5, 2013 11:23 AM

Great upscale latin or mexican for dinner SF downtown next week?

I'm attending a conference next week and only have availability for dinner. I'll already be going to a tacqueria, but looking for a nice Latin option for dinner one night. Thinking something like Nopalito, but where I could actially get a reservation with a couple of days notice. iStaying Union Square but happy to travel via public transportation as long as the neighborhood's good for a single female traveler at night. Cab is also an option.


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  1. Colibri is the usual "nicer" choice since it's right near Union Square, but I must say that Nopalito is much better so I would encourage you to take a taxi/MUNI (nopalito is in a pretty safe neighborhood).

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    1. re: W42

      Thanks. The issue with Nopalito isn't safety- they have no reservations availability. I was thinking I could aim for something less " hot" as I only make to to SF every two years or so. Do you think bar seating would also be horrendous at 7:00 on a weekday?

      1. re: Debinky

        You can phone to put your name on the waiting list and they'll call you when your table's ready, so you could hang out anywhere comfortable nearby.

        1. re: Robert Lauriston

          Robert- that's a great suggestion. I'm not familiar at all with their neighborhood. Are there stores and such there to keep me occupied?

          1. re: Debinky

            The 9th Avenue location's in a very lively neighborhood.

      2. re: W42

        I'd agree with skipping Colibri and venturing elsewhere. Nopalito is fantastic and a far better value. I've only been to Colibri once and while I was happy with most things, there are far better values and interesting menus in the city. There are a few other places that might fit the bill:

        - Chilango
        - Regalito Rosticeria
        - Green Chile Kitchen

        I'd visit any of them but I find Nopalito is generally my go to when I'm in the mood for more upscale Mexican food. I might also add Limon Rotisserie since their chicken is delicious but the above restaurants all have more depth in their menus.