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Jul 5, 2013 11:08 AM

Thai Ivory on Quinpool

Thai Ivory of Bedford, NS has opened a new big location on Quinpool Road. Nine of us booked a reservation at 6pm a week ago. The waitress brought the menus which looked more like the Talmud than a menu, one of those huge menus a la 'roadside US diners' of bygone days. While I didn't count the pages there had to be at least 15, page backgrounds were very dark colours and the print tiny and black - all making for an unintelligible jumble. No Thai names for dishes but infinite combinations possible with mysterious items like "with Thai sauce". After much confusion and deliberation I asked the waitress for the most popular tofu dish, respsonse - "we don't have one". So I ordered Basil Tofu - medium hot.

The first person's order arrived within 10 minutes. When she had finished the second person got theirs. As you might guess - one dish at a time was all the kitchen could handle. One hour and 20 minutes later our order arrived, but it was missing the tofu. Back to the kitchen it went and 5 minutes later out it came - not bad but nothing at all special. We had a taste of the Massaman Pork Curry that a friend ordered, it could not hold a candle to the same dish at Cha Baa; they skimped on both the paste and the coconut cream and no sweet potato either.

Cha Baa seems to be the only credible Thai restaurant in Halifax and that's where we'll head next time.

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  1. I have heard not-so-good things about Thai Ivory. In my opinion, Talay Thai is superior to Cha Baa (even though they are owned by the same family).

    1. We were discussing Talay Thai last night over dinner. Three of us concluded that everything they served was far too heavy on sweetness, disgustingly so in fact. In fairness two of us have not been back for 4 years and the third party for two years. Hope it has changed, this city certainly needs more than one decent Thai restaurant.