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Jul 5, 2013 10:12 AM

tom bergin's closing

I've driven by it many a time, and figured it was one of those LA Landmark eateries I'd eventually visit, but I saw in the LA Times it's closing this Sunday.

Anyone here going to miss it? Is it worth trying to make it out there this weekend?

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  1. If the weather cools off a bit, have an Irish coffee - it's the only place in town where they're done right. Food is forgettable.

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      I was there with some friends about 2 weeks ago. They played at Molly Malone's up the block, but wanted to eat at Bergin's. The place has been slightly remodeled. Anyway, we all enjoyed the food. It's not anything earth shaking or modern, but we all thought the food was fine. I hadn't had the fish and chips lately so I got that. One person got creamed kale as a side dish and he let some others try it. They seemed to like it.
      I thought the desserts were pretty good. Bergin's make their own irish coffee ice cream in house and several got the sundae and they all seemed to like it. They must make it with some booze in it, because someone said it had "a kick." I opted for a buttermilk ice cream with strawberry. It was an ice cream pie (graham cracker crust) with thin layers of a strawberry puree and some whipped cream on top. Thought it was pretty good. Side note, the server we got, John was pretty entertaining and did a great job.

    2. I've been there several times. I don't remember any of them. They're that good. I don't think I ate anything but my pride.

      1. Gosh, it wasn't ever about the food in there for me. A Guinness or an I.C. with a little old school atmosphere? And yes, Guinness is food. :)

        1. Being operated by the same folks that bring you Dominicks & Little Dom's, you would have thought they would have done a better job of promoting the place, serving exemplary food, at least to the standards they set in the other two, etc.
          or maybe the time has just come for the name to disappear into the memory book.

          1. Not sure what went down. They closed briefly, remodeled and now are closing permanently, about a year after the remodel.

            Never actually had an Irish coffee here but often stopped in with a friend who was a regular - had a shamrock on the ceiling and everything - for a black and tan or a shot of Midleton - if you haven't had this premium Irish whiskey, you're missing out.

            The food was decent for what it was - bar food. Good burgers, etc.

            Always hated the fact that the bar stools (really more like benches for two) were bolted to the floor.

            Not especially sad to see it go but had many a boozy night there.

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            1. re: JeMange

              "...but often stopped in with a friend...for a black and tan"

              Now there's a good way to get your head handed to you in an Irish bar... ;-D>


              1. re: Servorg

                I was waiting for that.

                Let's get real. The bar is (soon to be was) on Fairfax. Not in Ulster.

                1. re: JeMange

                  I just play it safe and order a half and half...Irish patriots tend to have long memories and short fuses...

                  1. re: Servorg

                    I'm the combative type, especially after a few whiskeys. :)