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Jul 5, 2013 10:03 AM

Vegan in Kelowna/Penticton


Four of us will be traveling from Vancouver, BC, to Kelowna and Penticton in early August. 1 in our group is vegetarian, and 2 are vegan. We know about the vegan thai place in kelowna, but was wondering what other chowhounders can suggest for vegan food options in the area.

We are considering calling some of the winery restaurants to ask if they can make vegan food for us. Has anyone had any experience in doing that? Any recommendation?


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  1. Absolutely put the Summerhill Winery (Sunset Organic Bistro) on your list. The wines are organic, and they also organically grow a lot of their own produce, which can lead to some interesting combinations for vegetarians/vegans. The latest dinner menu includes a "Falafel Filet Mignon" that we will have to try over the course of the summer. Also note that Mission Hill and Quails Gate grow a lot of their own produce as well, and may be able to tailor something for you.

    1. With some advance warning, I feel that Miradoro at Tinhorn Creek could "do the right thing"

      1. If you like Japanese, I recommend Isshin in Penticton. Great veggie sushi as well as other seafood-free asian dishes with wines from Pentages by the bottle and glass. Their salad dressing is sublime. Affordable and excellent in a casual, contemporary atmosphere. My favorite restaurant in the Okanagan. It does get busy on the weekends and I don't think they take reservations.

        1. Wild Scallion in Penticton is primarily a vegan restaurant! They offer fusion Asian cuisine at a great price. Highly recommend! Also, right next door is the Dream Cafe, which offers a great vegetarian an vegan menu (baked tofu with peanut sauce). Brodo Kitchen is a brand new Penticton restaurant that could or surely does already prep great vegan options. Penticton also has the Fresh & Health Cafe and the Wheatgrass Cafe at Whole Foods Market both of which offer vegan lunch options. Finally, Penticton is also home to one of the biggest and best Farmers Markets in BC and there are a TON of amazing vendors with different options including raw food, vegan, gluten free, etc. Gorgeous Georgia's ice cream truck is all vegan!! Yum! Have fun.

          1. For winery restaurants: try Hillside Estate, the Kitchen at Misconduct and Pecking Room at Red Rooster! I am sure all the Chefs there would be happy to accommodate!