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Potato salad long term storage question

I have a mountain of potato salad left over from a party yesterday. Not mayo based. Potatoes, marinated veggies, and a mustard vinagrette.

We are leaving town for 2 wks. Better to store it in the back of the fridge where it's coldest, or throw it in the freezer? I am suspicious of the texture it will have after being thawed again.

Thank you!

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    1. I think potato salad devlopes a stale flavor after a few days. Can't imagine how freezing it will help.

      1. How long has it already been out of the "safety zone?" (Was it all sitting out and for how long or was this "extra" that was kept refrigerated?) Mayo wouldn't have been the issue anyhow, the potatoes and veggies would be so don't think it's safer just because it's not mayo based.

        I'm not a fan of food waste at all but I don't think you're going to be able to freeze and revive it later successfully and leaving it in the fridge for that long is just a really bad idea. If it's still safe to eat now you could give it to people who will eat it while it's still enjoyable.

        1. When I make potato salad for the two of us, I will keep it for close to a week with no degradation. But I use some mayo, which is actually a preservative (thinned with oil and vinegar, so even better). But still, potatoes ARE perishable.

          If you are saying can you store it for two weeks or more; whether fridge or freezer, the answer is no. Do you know someone who might have use of it?

            1. Why don't you try this. You have nothing to lose and who knows. But if you do, please post results.

              I sounds like a good potato salad. Try putting some through a blender and making a puree. Freeze, and when you return see what you can do with it, adjusting as you experiment.

              You don't say what kind of pickled vegetables and how they were pickled.. You may want you pick some out and puree and save separately.

              May be with newly boiled crushed potatoes and canned tuna?

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                That's a good idea. I routinely refrigerate food way longer than the Chicken Littles recommend but 2 wks is too long even for me, and thawed frozen cooked spuds are watery mush. But you could turn that mush into a hearty soup by pureeing, and mixing with browned diced ham or sausage, onion, and some dairy.

              2. It sounds like the consensus is to trash the extras. I don't think of anyone I can deliver 5 lbs of p salad to at the last minute - we're leaving tomorrow.

                Pureeing and freezing sounds not so good, because of the vinegary taste - it would make an odd soup, or odd croquettes. It makes me think of spending a lot of extra time trying to make something palatable which probably won't be, and then my family will reject it anyway. Better to trash, much as I hate to do that.

                Recipe fwiw - potatoes, red onion, roasted pepers, marinated artichoke hearts, kalamatas, capers, dijon, oil, red wine vinegar, s&p, some of the artichoke marinating liquid.

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                  Sounds good. Puree some anyway! As a (lotsa) thick sauce over crushed boiled potatoes with sausages. Maybe you don't need the extra
                  potatoes. It might be really good and you will never know if you don't try. Many discoveries are serendipitous.

                  Vinegar in a dish fades with time. The question is what freezing will do to it. Never tried!

                  What the heck, you've got it anyway!

                  Thee is a folk saying, "Hell has a special places for people who give others ideas".

                  Ah come on! Try it and report back.

                2. Give. It to someone who will enjoy it.

                  1. I suppose if I'm throwing it out I can do that now or later. It is already in 2 containers. I'll fridge one and freeze the other and see which comes out, if either do.

                    Re the posters who suggested donation, believe me I would love to. But I don't have the time to make such arrangements at this point, with the flight tomorrow.

                    1. I would just store them in the back of the fridge and take your chances with spoilage and having to throw them out.

                      Because between a choice of eating previously frozen potato salad versus not eating any potato salad, I would always choose the latter.

                      1. Report. I froze the p salad. When I returned, I thawed some and drained it a bit on a paper towel, then threw it in a 350 oven for an hour, then 450 for maybe another 20 minutes. I was trying for something like a hash with caramelized bits.

                        The texture ended up surprisingly pleasing. However, the whole thing was permeated with the taste of vinegar and marinated veggies. So on the whole, not a success. We ate some, and will end up tossing the rest.

                        Note to self: next time I make food for a party in vast quantities, think about how well the leftovers will store. Big oversight on my part.