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Jul 5, 2013 09:18 AM

Pot racks - yes or no?

My husband and I got married and purchased a house 3 years ago. It has quite a nice kitchen (which I looked for, as I like to bake) but I've never been a huge cook. However, this last year I have started cooking a LOT more, discovered the Le Creuset outlet 1/2 an hour away, and inherited a set of flawless All-Clad from my mom when she downsized.

When we bought the house, it already had ceiling mounts installed for a pot rack. While I need the space under my stove (I have a LOT of bakeware!) I wonder if pot racks are too visually cluttering and ugly. I also wonder about banging my head, the noise, and what happens if there's an Earthquake (we're in California.)

I've attached a picture to get your thoughts. We ended up removing the upper cabinet doors to display our dishes and glassware. It would hang above the island.

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  1. A pot rack wouldn't be any more risky than open cabinets of glassware and dishes in an earthquake, maybe even less because they might just swing instead of becoming projectiles.

    1. I am not a fan of pot racks because my much loved and much cooked with pots and pans don't look 'pretty' as they did when I first got them years ago. But, with that in mind, I'm happier to have them on pullout shelves in my island. I agree with the respondent that it's not likely that they will fall but I would want to put the really heavy LeCreuset above my head... hard to get down and would make me nervous.

      1. I was planning to move my Le Creuset to the cabinets and hang the All-Clad, since it's lighter. Even if it could support the weight, it would freak me out too much to hang that amount of cast iron!

        1. Hi, nararabbit:

          The aesthetics are strictly up to you, and I bet you already have some strong opinions about that.

          Space and accessibility are other matters. Leaving the room or digging in the back of a crowded cabinet for a pan gets tiresome very quickly. If the pan is instantly at hand (whether hung or in cabinets), you save time.

          You might also consider, either as an alternative or supplement, a floor-standing étagère or pot stand. Enclume makes several sizes, and many kitchen stores display their LC offerings on them. I have a home-made 6-tier étagère at both my beach and city houses, and like them very much. Obviously, these take floor space, but less than you might think.


          1. I had a pot rack over my island for many years until we redid our kitchen and made the executive decision to get rid of it. Best decision ever.
            Now, my storage has improved by orders of magnitude do to more drawers and pull outs. Amazing. So, that has to be a consideration, of course, but I can tell you that the look is so, so, so much cleaner.
            My 8-foot ceilings look more like 9-foot ceilings.