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Jul 5, 2013 09:07 AM

老成都 Old Cheng Du: Si Chaun Cuisine Flushing

I am posting this as a response to requests for where to go for quality Sichuan cuisine.

I am alway interested in the places that are advertised in the chinese language papers of new york.

This one is called 老成都 (lao cheng du), and knowing a bit about geography and even economic news from China, Cheng Du should be known.

The ad boasts that it is a 川菜馆 a place for Chuan Cia (Sichuan Cuisine).

I am not so certain as to the popularity among non-chinese people in NYC to with these places. They advertise all in chinese.

address: 37-17 Prince St. Flushing Unit 2

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    1. re: jen kalb

      jen kalb, thank you for this. It never occurred to me to search for articles on them. That is a good report.

    2. 有別我去過, 但我到過的是在湖南和廣西省等, 因為這個店是連鎖的公司

      There is another restaurant I have gone to, but I went to it in Hunan and other places.

      It is a chain (連鎖).

      It is 小肥羊火鍋

      Small Plump Goat Hot Pot.

      location is 36-35 Main Street Flushing

      This according to yesterday's ad, has been in business in Flushing for 11 years, as it is their 11 週年 (zhounian) anniversary.

      I have to say it was mighty popular in places I have been in Hunan.

      They will split the pot, and I imagine the selection is more than simply hot and not hot.

      By the way 肥 fei is fat. I often order my meat in Chinese places by stating I would like 肥肉, fatty meat. This is basically a nice thick chunk of pig meat, with dangling thick fat, and just beyond that, is the skin, all cooked nicely and so delicious. Three layers. Kind of like geology class by way of quad-pedal organisms.

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      1. re: jonkyo

        xiao fei yang is a rip off place of the actual xiao fei yang chain which is a massive hot pot chain from china...never eaten at the one in flushing although its always busy

        1. re: Lau

          Interesting. So they are not included in the chain company from China.

          How did you find this out? They use the exact logo as the stores all over China.

            1. re: jonkyo

              xiao fei yang was a public company with hundreds of outlets that was bought Yum for like $600mm USD or something like that. they had no US locations

              1. re: Lau

                "KFC and Pizza Hut fast-food chains"

                oh no.

                That means that their sources will change, thus the quality of food. Sources such as large monopoly food distribution companies, or one of them.

                It is all about US corporate cronyism.

                "KFC and Pizza Hut fast-food chains" is good for the health care industry though, but not for ones health.

                It is interesting with these cultural or ethnic exchanges with the food industry. Quite differing from IBM/Lenova.

                So, does this mean a hot pot can be ordered extra crispy?

                1. re: jonkyo

                  im not quite sure what you're talking about?

                  also, i was wrong and it actually is a real branch of xiao fei yang

                  1. re: Lau

                    The article you posted stated YUM is part of what used to be Pepsco, now Pizza Hut KFC Chian.

                    "Yum! Brands Inc., owner of the KFC and Pizza Hut fast-food chains, won Chinese approval to buy Mongolian hot-pot seller Little Sheep Group Ltd. (968) to extend its lead as the nation’s biggest restaurant operator. Little Sheep’s shares surged to a record high in Hong Kong trading. "

                    The Pizza Hut umbrella Corp. bought Little Sheep xiao fat yang.

                    quote from
                    Yum’s Offer for Little Sheep Gets China Antitrust Clearance
                    By Bloomberg News - Nov 8, 2011 3:54 AM ET

                    Then I made the jest of having extra crispy hot pot.

                    1. re: jonkyo

                      oh yes yum brands owns all of them, but i mean xiao fei yang was a huge chain before this, i think you're kidding, but i dont think yum brands buying them is really changing much

                      not really sure how ure equating this to US corporate cronyism? but you're welcome to your opinion

                      1. re: Lau

                        Well, I have not been to small fat lamb since Yum brand bought them, so I would have to see.

                        I do prefer to use my status as patron in support of single or small ownership places, or locally owned places. Thus stated, Small Fat Lamb was a chain in China before Yum bought it. I was always dragged there by others. I do not mind dining in the alley way hole in the walls all through parts of cities in anywhere, but some do, especially women, or westerners, or missioners or professionals, or the like.

                        I will consider trying Yum Small fat Lamb