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Jul 5, 2013 08:45 AM

Cicchetti Crawl in Venice and restaurant advise

What is the best way to experience a chiccetti crawl in Venice?
Is it fun to hire someone to tour you around town for this or is it easy to manage alone?

Also - has anyone been to Al Tovo? Da Fiori? Le Maschere?

thanks for the advice.

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    1. Just to clarify, are you asking about Al Tovo or Al Covo?

      Also, be aware you can go to the upper right-hand corner of this page and do a search for prior discussions on any restaurant or dining topic that is of interest to you.

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        Oh bad typo - I do mean Al Covo. thanks for the tips. I'm new to this

      2. Its been a number of years since we visited Da Fiori - and are highly unlikely to return - food is of excellent quality but prices were atmospheric (doubt if that has changed) and attitude of servers was very poor.

        1. There are two Da Fioris in Venice - Osteria da Fiori is expensive and Michelin starred / Trattoria da Fiori is a simpler place.
          Al Covo serves refined and slightly modernised versions of traditional dishes and is good. You would need to book to be sure of getting a table.

          1. Logistically, doing a cicchetti crawl in Venice is not difficult. The two areas that have the most bacari and osterie/trattorie with front bar are around the Strada Nova in Cannairegio and around the Rialto Market (not good past 7pm when many are closing). You should be able to hit 4 or 5 without too much walking. As for a tour, an informative guide can add a lot to the experience if one wants an introduction and background to cicchetti eating.
            If you are referring to Osteria da Fiore in San Polo, the food is excellent but is very expensive, Antipasti/primi around 40 euro, secondi 45, dessert 20. So is the wine list. One can eat at other excellent seafood trattorie such as Antiche Carampane for about half of that. Is it worth it? yes, if you don't have to worry about budget. The reward is incremental.