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Jul 5, 2013 08:29 AM

Is this sweet potato safe to eat? [pic]

(not that I'm going to, because it looks scary to me, but I'm just curious)



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  1. Plant it. Just get a pot, add some soil and you'll have a lovely houseplant in no time. Actually, you're halfway there already. Buy a new sweet potato to eat.

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      I live in the city and only have a few pots (not huge). I have the impression that these require lots of under-ground room.


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        It probably won't make baby sweet potatoes but you will have a nice leafy plant. Don't murder this potato - look how much it wants to live!

    2. Oh, I think it is probably safe (I've used potatoes that were starting to sprout but never any that had gone quite that far...)but that there is a potato that has given a lot of its energy to becoming a might require a lot of cutting away and probably wouldn't be worth it. As nyleve said, you should plant it. I'd probably stick it in an unused part of the yard and check it in a few months to see if I'd grown myself a sweet potato harvest. (I'm no gardener, so I doubt it, but maybe plants like you better than they like me).

      1. I had a sweet potato that sprouted and started to climb my wall. Gave it to a friend because she said she's starting a garden and wanted to plant it. Personally, I didn't feel safe to eat it (although I'm sure it would've been fine).

        1. It is safe to eat, but it'll start to wither as its energies go toward the plant.

          That is a lovely start to leafing out though -- once in a while I get a tuber that does this -- and I sprout them suspended in water in a dish on top of the fridge. It's fun to watch them; if you've nowhere to plant them eventually things start to rot and then it's time to discontinue.


          1. I had one that looked just like that. I cut a slice off the bottom and put it in a dish with an inch of water in it and kept the water at that level. After a couple of weeks it had developed a good root system and the sprouts had turned into full leaves, so then I potted it in a flowerpot full of dirt and stuck two tall sticks in for the vine to climb. It is now huge and grows a couple of inches per day.

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              'a couple of inches a day': scary. It sounds ALIVE!