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The Slipway [Thomaston, ME]

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I had lunch twice this week at The Slipway. Earlier in the week it was grey and drizzly and I sat in the very attractive inside and had an exemplary haddock and chips with wonderful house-brewed iced tea. Yesterday I sat with friends at the end of the long dock for a very leisurely late lunch, all of which was wonderful. We started with fried monk nuggets which were some of the best things we ever ate -- we needed and got a second order. My friends also shared some oysters on the half shell which they said were great. No pictures of any of those, they went too fast. Then I got salad with fish cakes, and they both got the special of local halibut with red pepper butter and salad greens. All of it was fantastic, the greens tasting fresh and delicious. The iced tea again was amazing, with lovely herbal notes. My friends got dessert -- flourless chocolate cake and blueberry pie and loved them, which from them is very high praise. We highly recommend this place, and if you get there on the late side as we did, you can relax and have a leisurely lunch without feeling guilty about people wating for your seat. The wait staff is also very friendly and nice. Worth seeking this place out.


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  1. Wow, great meal!! thanks for the report.

    1. They do a great job with Maine shrimp, lightly coated and not over-fried. I was aghast at the frozen fries that accompanied my meal, however.

      1. Update: due to all the monk nuggets consumed, I took one of the fishcakes back to the cottage. Crisped up in a hot toaster oven this morning it was absolutely delicious, one of the best fishcakes I have had in a long time. I think its excellence had previously been overshadowed by the monk nuggets (which live in my dreams till next trip to Maine).

        1. monkfish nuggets sound divine! it all does!