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Jul 5, 2013 05:18 AM

Caramelized onion tart without heavy cream

About two weeks ago I attended a cooking demonstration where one of the dishes was a caramelized onion (or onion mushroom) tart. Getting some tips on using a mix of onions/scallions/leeks and caramelizing was useful, though the demo chef bound the mixture with an egg and heavy cream. I prefer lighter foods and am curious if anyone has made a caramelized tart, quiche etc. with something like a tofu/silken tofu or non-dairy milk substitute.

Thank you!

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  1. Use 1# firm tofu, drained, and 1/2 c soy milk. Whiz in a blender with some Dijon mustard, s&p, and a touch of grated nutmeg.

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      Thank you! Can I bake this for a bit to warm and set it (or does the tofu and soy require different handling)?

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        Bake at 400 until set, 35-40 minutes. Let it cool a bit before slicing. Be sure to prebake the pie shell.

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        i make a savory "cream" sauce using the same tofu technique you described, pikawicca.

        just blend the tofu (preferably the "silken" or "soft" type) with either soy milk or a little water and add the seasoning mix you like.
        use a regular blender, not an immersion blender.

        let it sit for a while before heating and using in order to let the flavors meld.

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          Thank you all - this version I can actually look forward to eating!

      3. I like caramelized onions / onion jam just on top of a flatbread or puff pastry crust, maybe with some olives (essentially, pissaladière without the anchovies).

        Plenty of commercially available dairy free puff pastry... not as delicious as with butter, but, oh well...

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          i second this. made a version of this for a summer party - no one expected dairy in it. it was pretty dang delish!

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            I worked at a place that did pissaladiere with sliced kalamata olives in place of anchovies. Outstanding!

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              I just did something like this. I didn't use eggs or cream because I was going for a French onion soup flavor. After I cooked the onion mixture I spread it on puff pastry then baked it, but I'm sure it would be fine to substitute that for a different crust. I wasn't sure if it would work without the eggs or dairy, but everyone thought it was delicious.

            2. Have you ever tried Belsoy "Soya Cuisine"? Belsoy is also called Alpro, and their "cream alternative" might be under a different name in the US. I've often used it in lieu of heavy cream - it is not precisely "low fat", but considerably lighter than heavy cream.

              If you need it to be a bit thicker, you can always add a bit of some kind of starch.

              1. Nut-based creams (like raw cashew cream) are great cream substitutes, btw. Making your own is pretty easy if you have a high speed blender, but there are commercial ones available as well.