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Jul 5, 2013 05:00 AM


We recently moved back to the area from London. Before we moved, I had my finger on the pulse of the culinary scene in Manhattan and the boroughs, but after a couple of years away I feel like my knowledge is vastly dated. I know I could peruse the site and garner information to bring my knowledge back up to speed, but was wondering if any of you hard core Chowhounders could give me a concise overview of what's going on in the food scene now: what's hot? What's not? What's coming?

Thanks in advance for any and all information.

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  1. I think it would behoove you to go through the archives of Eater, specifically the "Year in Eater" roundups. As well as the NYT best restaurants lists from 2012, 2011, etc.

    See also:

    1. Good tips from kathryn. Also, for intel specifically from Chowhound, check out the site's brief summaries of newsworthy threads on the Manhattan and Outer Boroughs boards ...