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Jul 5, 2013 04:42 AM

Hot Dogs in Tampa

Anyone try any of these? Maybe I'm too cynical, but I've eaten only 1-2 dogs in Tampa, and never thought they'd be any good.

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  1. We went there last Sat. It was OK. Not mind blowing and pretty expensive for what you got. I got a Chicago dawg and it definitely was not on a poppy seed roll. My husband got the Tampa Bay dog. I don't see us going back. I also got a milkshake that was pretty disappointing.
    Had to edit to say we ate at Twinz

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      I noticed recently that Steak & Shake has added a Chicago hot dog to their menu, and I was surprised that it was really on a poppy seed bun and had the neon green Chicago relish- the whole experience wasn't bad for a chain, hundreds of miles from the windy city. They are "making an effort." I am north of Tampa a couple of hours and not real familiar with Steak & Shakes' locations down there, but they have to be around. (And milkshakes? Always top of the line malteds there!)
      When I go through Tampa, sometimes I will visit Mels, and it is also OK. No complaints. I think some folks really enjoy the tradition of giving the counter people a fake celebrity name to announce when your order is ready.

    2. I have been to Meaner Weiner. It was fine. I don't think their aspirations extend much beyond serving the late night SOHO crowd. I asked for my polish charred and they really had no idea what I was talking about. I thought Frankie's was pretty good; I was sorry to see it go. The couple of times I went to Mel's it didn't do much for me, but I suppose it is time to give it another shot.

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        Thanks for responding. You both just confirmed what I had thought.

      2. I recommend a place not mentioned in the article: the Chicago Grill and Dog House at 7733 Ulmerton Road, Largo. The reviews I have read indicate that they have moved from their East Bay location.

        Also, I have to say, former food truck owner Jeff Dunn's characterization in the article of "sport peppers" as bland and Chicago poppyseed buns as "stale" surprises me. I've had a few bland sport peppers, but not many--fiery is usually more what they're like, and I don't find Chicago dog poppyseed buns as routinely stale.