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Jul 5, 2013 03:14 AM

Pho So 1 Randolph?

I'm heading down to Randolph this afternoon as as it's going to be about a million degrees out was planning to stop by Pho So 1 for some bun. However, I saw a mention somewhere that this place is under new management and has gone downhill. Can anyone confirm this?

If it's no longer a good option, what would be my best bet for a vermicelli bowl in the area? Quincy would be fine, probably not up for driving/parking in Dorchester today.


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  1. Interesting-I hadn't heard that. We were there 3, maybe 4 months ago and it was a good as always.

    If don't want to take one for the team and check it out we really enjoy Pho Countryside which is in the same plaza and Kam AM market.

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      Oh good. Well then I'll check it out and report back. But thanks for the Pho Countryside recommendation. I'll keep that in mind in case Pho So 1 is closed.

    2. If you decide to go to Randolph, call before to see if they're open. I've noticed a lot of little mom and pops closed this week.

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      1. I was there last week, and I didn't see the usual staff there, but the food was up to par. It was Saturday around 2, fairly hot out, and the place was 2/3's filled.

        1. I believe it's the same owner, just a different team. I find the pho tasted cleaner and fresher. The salads had changed a lot though - a giant plate surrounded with prawn crackers but not as much flavor.
          Coffee with condensed milk is still the best I've had anywhere!
          I actually like the place better now.

          1. I went! It was pretty good. I had grilled pork bun. The pork was excellent, but kind of sparse. I usually can barely finish one of these noodle bowls, but with this one I finished it and was hungry a few hours later. Also it was little on the bland side. Not much in the way of herbs/scallions. Still, it was super tasty and really hit the spot. Thanks!