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Jul 4, 2013 04:43 PM

Summer Time ...What's your drink??

Oh I love the warm Rays and the drinks that go with them, White sangria, gin and tonic...What do you have in your hand to drink?? Is there something I should try?

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  1. Currently sipping a dark n Jerry (dark and stormy with a splash of sailor jerry).

    My big summer drink is a rhubarb gin fizz. Home infused rhubarb vodka (working on infusing gin right now) with gin and some lime, simple syrup and club soda. Yummy!

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    1. re: autumm

      I made a simple syrup the other day: rhubarb (half dozen big stalks from my neighbor), two pints of blueberries, a palm full of black pepper corns (whole -- ~1T), 3C sugar, 6C water. Bring to boil, drop heat, simmer till the rhubarb is soft.

      Mash it all, pour through chinois and cool.

      Pour over ice, plymouth gin and a splash of ginger ale. Very refreshing.

    2. Eyrie Pinot Gris is essence of summer to me. My favorite non-wine adult beverage is Campari soda with a slice of orange. Soda first and the Campari sinks so you don't have to stir it, thereby keeping it extra sparkly.

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      1. re: tim irvine

        Mine's Campari with orange juice. SO refreshing.

        Otherwise, it's rum with about anything, or a crisp French-style rosé, nicely chilled.

        1. re: tim irvine

          I find Campari incredibly refreshing.

        2. Summer beers... wheat beers, fruit beers, and fruit-infused wheat beers :)

          I don't rotate wines seasonally much. Had a chardonnay with a seafood app and a cabernet with a lamb entree, last week...

          1. Pimms with ginger ale. Cider (actually, that's my year-round drink).

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            1. re: Billy33

              Have you ever tried Pimm's with lemon soda? I mix a can of Pellegrino Limonata with a few ounces of Pimm's, fresh lemon juice and lots of ice. It's a great drink to nurse on a hot day.

              1. re: 1sweetpea

                I like my Pimm's Cup with lemonade. And a couple of spears of cucumber.

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