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Summer Time ...What's your drink??

Oh I love the warm Rays and the drinks that go with them, White sangria, gin and tonic...What do you have in your hand to drink?? Is there something I should try?

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  1. Currently sipping a dark n Jerry (dark and stormy with a splash of sailor jerry).

    My big summer drink is a rhubarb gin fizz. Home infused rhubarb vodka (working on infusing gin right now) with gin and some lime, simple syrup and club soda. Yummy!

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      I made a simple syrup the other day: rhubarb (half dozen big stalks from my neighbor), two pints of blueberries, a palm full of black pepper corns (whole -- ~1T), 3C sugar, 6C water. Bring to boil, drop heat, simmer till the rhubarb is soft.

      Mash it all, pour through chinois and cool.

      Pour over ice, plymouth gin and a splash of ginger ale. Very refreshing.

    2. Eyrie Pinot Gris is essence of summer to me. My favorite non-wine adult beverage is Campari soda with a slice of orange. Soda first and the Campari sinks so you don't have to stir it, thereby keeping it extra sparkly.

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        Mine's Campari with orange juice. SO refreshing.

        Otherwise, it's rum with about anything, or a crisp French-style rosé, nicely chilled.

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          I find Campari incredibly refreshing.

        2. Summer beers... wheat beers, fruit beers, and fruit-infused wheat beers :)

          I don't rotate wines seasonally much. Had a chardonnay with a seafood app and a cabernet with a lamb entree, last week...

          1. Pimms with ginger ale. Cider (actually, that's my year-round drink).

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              Have you ever tried Pimm's with lemon soda? I mix a can of Pellegrino Limonata with a few ounces of Pimm's, fresh lemon juice and lots of ice. It's a great drink to nurse on a hot day.

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                I like my Pimm's Cup with lemonade. And a couple of spears of cucumber.

            2. Buddha's hand vodka soda with a squeeze of lemon is my new favorite summer thing.

              Any of the flavored Polar seltzers are, of course, refreshing on their own and fun to spike with your weapon of choice, a squeeze of citrus, maybe mint and a little simple syrup. They have nice summer flavors this year--cucumber melon and ginger lemonade to name two. More info here:

              Cucumber vodka is also on deck for further experimentation this year. A local bar makes a cucumber drink with muddled hot pepper just for one eye deer.

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              1. Cucumber agua fresca, which you can doctor with tequila or vodka or the booze of your choice.

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                  Do tell..how do you make this??

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                    I make tamarind agua fresca, but also mix a less diluted, mildly sweetened tamarind liquid with tequila.

                  2. Brandy slush! Very much a Wisconsin summer beverage. My parents' house always has a big gallon ice cream bucket full of it in the freezer all summer long. Scoop out into a glass and top with a splash of 7Up. I like to toss in a handful of fresh or frozen fruit into the glass as well.

                    1. I try to keep some kind of homemade lemonade on hand, usually made with mint or ginger simple syrup. Add a healthy splash of vodka and st Germaine and its a perfect summer cocktail.

                      I drink a lot of Rose in the summer too.

                      If course some nights only a G&T or a cucumber cooler will do. :)

                      1. Ice cold Carib beer

                        Ice cold Shandy Carib...ginger beer


                        Gin & Tonic with Cardinal gin...artisinal gin made in North Carolina.

                        1. Strawberry lemonade
                          fruity margaritas

                          1. A nice dry rose or a vinho verde. For nonalcohol, I like Arnold Palmers.

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                              I had to read your second sentence again before I remembered the alcoholic version of the Arnold Palmer is the John Daly! HA HA HA! I actually saw it on a menu and cracked up. :)

                            2. For beer, Leinenkugel's Summer Shandy (lemon) is my go to in the summer.

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                                  Redd's Apple Ale is pretty darned refreshing, too, while we're being fruity. :)

                              1. Alc: pina colada the consistency of snow.
                                Non-alc: cranberry juice 50-50 with Vernor's Ginger Ale.

                                1. Usually Sauvignon Blanc, but that can change, depending on what I am interested in - maybe an Albariño?


                                  1. Taiwanese sour plum juice ... spiked with vodka. Sometimes.

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                                      other times, you drink the vodka straight. :)

                                    2. I've been making a very tart bourbon drink the last few hot weeks here in NYC. I'm pleased with it.

                                      I put a large pinch of citric acid (lemon salt) and a table spoon of raw sugar over ice. Several squirts (an ounce?) of key lime juice, two or three ounces of Makers. Shake. Top with seltzer.

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                                        Limonata Pelligrino with Maker's is my favorite.

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                                          Pelligrino is one of my favorite mixes!! Yum

                                      2. I rarely stray from the usual vodka tonic. But I've been enjoying a drink made with pomegranate juice, grapefruit juice, ginger syrup and vodka. I love it!!

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                                        1. Home-infused ginger vodka with ginger-lemonade seltzer.

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                                            Please share this recipe...I love Ginger!

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                                              It couldn't be easier. I buy a tub of crystallized ginger (usually from Whole Foods bulk bins). Dump it into a very large jar. Empty in 750mL of plain vodka, saving the bottle. This last batch was Absolut - very yummy. Cover tightly and let it sit on the counter for a few weeks, then strain out the ginger and refill the vodka bottle with your infused liquor. Add a pretty ribbon (yellow). The ginger-lemonade seltzer comes from the regular grocery store. I think it's Polar brand. The drink is also good with regular lemon seltzer over lots of ice.

                                            2. Lemonade with a hint rosewater and mint or orange blossom water. Dhoogh or ayran if you like your quaffable yogurt. If we're going to go down the cocktail route, it's the triumvirate of Pisco Sours, Pimm's Cup and Pina Coladas.

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                                                Thanks for another use of the orange blossom water I bought. :)

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                                                  It just takes a little bit. I got greedy yesterday and the lemonade tasted like pith.

                                              2. Without booze: frappe, medium with milk (Greek-style iced coffee) or agua fresca.

                                                With booze: Tom Collins, Kaffir Lime Collins, other tart cocktails or summery cocktails involving muddled berries.

                                                I'm craving a strawberry daiquiri made with local berries, but it's been years since I had a good one. Might have to make my own in the near future. :)

                                                1. Lately have tossed back a few Dark and Stormy's. Of course Pimm's is always on the Summer rota too. This w/e looking forward to my friend's MaiTais. She does them to perfection.

                                                  1. Mostly G&Ts or Pimm's Cups, often made with Polar Orange Dry (or even Cape Cod Dry) in place of the usual limonata. Quite often Aperol and soda. And sometimes, to quote Robyn Hitchcock, "I'm alone like a queen in bed with a barrel of vodka and lime."

                                                    1. Rosé, tinto de verano, some summers gin and tonic (not so much this year), cucumber water, blenheim's ginger ale, and beer. Not all mixed, of course. Each summer I seem to fall in love with one specific beer and stick with it. This year it is Mad Hatter Elder Betty.

                                                      1. Yes cucumber and mint is a must for the Pimm's! I love a nice sangria too. I prefer Red sangria but white is good too.