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Jul 4, 2013 04:16 PM

Recommendations for small plates, drinks for a group

A group of about two dozen of us will be looking for a place for small plates, bar food, drinks, etc. on a Sunday evening in early November. We'll all be centered around the convention center, Hilton, Marriott, etc. Nothing formal, people will come and go as they wish. Any suggestions, recommendations? Thanks.

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    1. re: JazzyB

      Thanks. We're also looking at Grand Isle.

      1. re: markabauman

        I'm a Grand Isle fan for simple lunches of local food. Decent food, great onion rings and we've had good raw oysters there.
        I think it would be a great match for what you need.

        1. re: collardman

          Thanks; I've spoken to their GM; the location- which is very important in terms of proximity to the convention center/hotels works well as well as some of the sample menus I saw/price point. Thanks; most appreciated.

    2. Happy Hour at Luke is great for raw oysters (50 cents each) and drinks (1/2 price), even on Sundays. Sylvain has good small plates, but it might be a bit of a walk depending on where everyone is staying.

      Depending on what time the Saints play, many restaurants in that area may be extremely crowded on a Sunday evening, so consider calling ahead or going early to reserve space. If you stick to higher end restaurants that won't be as much of a problem.

      1. You also may want to check out SouBou. While I don't care for it as a "sit-down" dinner, they do cocktails and small plates very well.