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Jul 4, 2013 03:18 PM

Antoine's review in Blackened Out

...sadly, I have to agree. I want it to be otherwise, but the food has just not been executed very well on our visits for reasons similar to what he describes. good dishes, poorly done. coasting.

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  1. I've always wondered, have the owners ever been approached by our best and brightest restaurant folks, saying, Look, you know and I know you've been coasting on your rep for years, let me buy the place and restore it to its glory years with a shot of capital and new enthusiasm? Maybe I'm naïve, but if these old-guard places are weary of doing what it takes to put out a good product, why not cash in and let these gems be polished up for future enjoyment?

    1. Wow! I've not been much in the last few years and I admit to some problems but Brother Louape lest fly, doesn't he? I'd like to ascribe it to the non-existent dress code..there might be something to that. The Rockefeller and teh Foch were both good on my recent visits but I steak I got (to have the marchand du vin) was not really good.Wasn't BAD, just not stellar. The souffle potato problem he describes happens anywhere they are made and while they are not difficult they can be a bit tricky. I have other info that suggests things are not rosy of St. Louis street and, as i have observed before, when the great houses are collapsing elsewhere it is perfectly possible here at home.

      1. That is sad to hear.

        Just pre-K, we were less than impressed, but then, post-K, many were touting it as having "turned a corner." Most reviews were highly favorable, and that gladdened me, since it did hold a spot in my heart.

        Such is life,


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          We have been twice in the past two years. The first time as diners. We were the only ones there "dressed" and had a dismal meal in a near empty dining room. In view of what the other diners were wearing we would have preferred an empty dining room.
          The second meal was as part of a dinner meeting in one of the dedicated rooms and it was very good. But that nice experience is not going to draw me back as a diner.

          1. re: collardman

            Things are changing, and I will refrain from commenting, until NOLA gets things sorted out.

            I wish the City great luck, and hope that the new patrons can help elevate a great dining city, to what it once was. Somehow, I do not see that happening, but hope to be proved wrong.


            1. re: Bill Hunt

              Hmm ... I think it could be successfully argued that the city has now, restaurant-wise, surpassed its previous high water mark. I'd be interested in hearing a cogent argument to the contrary.

              1. re: montuori

                Many feel that all of the "old standards," or the "grand dames," should be shuttered.


                1. re: Bill Hunt

                  It is my impression that everyone here roots for the "grand dames" to maintain the high standards that made them famous and successful in the first place.

                  I agree with montuori that the mere fact that Antoine's has recently developed a reputation for inconsistency among critics and some Chowhounds does not mean that (overall) New Orleans's culinary culture is not performing as well or better than ever.

                  Returning to the grand dames, if you go back in the Blackened Out blog a couple of months, you'll find a very solid review of Arnaud's ( ). Obviously, Galatoire's is as successful as ever, with a brand new expansion.

                  The "grand dames" face a natural risk of coasting on the tourist trade and nostalgia. Some will have ownership and management that recognize that risk. They will "stay hungry" and seek to maintain a stellar reputation. Others (at times) some will gradually fritter away the basis of their "grand-ness" (witness the debacle at Brennan's).

                  I don't think anyone wants any grand dame in New Orleans to be shuttered. We want all of them to "wow" us.

                  1. re: Bill Hunt

                    ive never met anyone here that called for the grand dames closure.

          2. We enjoyed a very decent lunch there last year and some good bar food one night in the Hermes Bar. I'm sorry to hear this.

            1. Very sorry to hear this, wow the pix in the review by blackened out were pretty horrific!. I had a pretty good $20 lunch there last year...maybe I can go for a salad and 25 cent martini's this year.

              Interesting write up in the LA Times recently about the restaurant.

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              1. re: MariaFeliz

                Thank you for sharing that article. I found it quite touching.