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Jul 4, 2013 02:50 PM

Benten Ramen - San Sabriel

Thanks to TonyC for the heads up..went for a late lunch...owner said they were almost out of broth!

What we got:

1. Tonkotsu Ramen
2. Tsukemen

Had both the red and green tea.

#1 was abit too heavy for me but the missus likes it.
#2 was excellent..abit too salty but works with the side of rice.

Red tea > green tea.

Excellent change from Ton Chan is my 0.02.

Grand opening in 2~ 3 weeks.

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  1. How does the tonkotsu compare to Yukino-ya, or Yamadaya, or better yet, the tonkotsu at Men Oh?

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    1. re: mrhooks

      can't really compare..kinda different style.

      if you really wanna compare, I would say better?

      Why? Cuz the flavor is rich and instead of slices of get a nice big piece of stewed pork belly (see my pic)..epic.

      1. re: dreamcast18

        I'm mostly looking at two things, the noodles, and the soup. Judging by your photo, it looks like the thin hosomen style of noodle. Did you ask for katamen (hard noodles), and if so, were the noodles cooked properly? Ideally they should have a snap to them when you bite. Do they taste better than the noodles at the other places? Do they have a flour-y consistency? (Ippudo NY's noodles tasted great, but the flour-y consistency was a little unpleasant.)

        And the soup, is it a cleaner style of tonkotsu, like Men Oh, or funkier, like Horon or Ippudo? I would also consider the tonkotsu at Men Oh and Yamadaya (Torrance) rich, at least for LA ramenya. Your reply suggests you don't feel the same.

        You can get a much bigger piece of pork belly at Yamadaya, so that alone doesn't do anything to convince me Benten's tonkotsu is better. Whether or not the pork belly is fresh is more important. Yamadaya doesn't make theirs every day, so sometimes you get a piece that's dry because it's been sitting around a couple days.

        Actually, there is one more thing, the egg. Was the yolk hard or runny, or kinda in between?

        1. re: mrhooks

          the egg in the spicy miso ramen was hard boiled and pre-sliced.

          the egg served with the tsukemen was...amazing! soft boiled, fully cooked white with runny yolk, injected with flavor (tasted like soy to me). see other's posted photo below.

          the chunky pork that came with tsukemen was not your typical chashu, pretty lean actually. and the pork in the miso bowl was more like thin slices of pork belly.

    2. I just realized we were there at the same time!

      I asked if they are related to the benten chain in japan, and the waiter said no. So I think they may be doing the "chinese thing" and borrowing the name to open in socal, which would work assuming the real one never comes over.

      Only got to try the tsukemen. I have not eaten enough tsukement to say I know what it should taste like, but the meal was very enjoyable, and like you said, the rice helped out a lot. I also really liked the flavor injected egg. Though i probably should have tried to actually taste it instead of stuffing it down.

      The sides for the tsukemen were interesting, i wasn't sure exactly how to eat the sides, so i ate 1/2 of the noodles normally, then proceeded to add the sides one at a time. Overall the tsukemen was a lot more filling than I thought.

      Got their mint yuzu drink, it was like a no-fizz virgin mojito, too light on the yuzu imo. Will try the honey citrus drink next time.

      Also will be back to try their ramen. Thanks tonyc for the info!

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      1. re: blimpbinge

        i was stuffed..shouldn't have eaten the rice. love the thick el dante noodles.

        the side condiments are picked vege, ground garlic/ginger and ground chilli.

        1. re: dreamcast18

          actually the side condiments are different depending on the type of ramen ordered. for the tsukemen, they are nori bits soaked in soy, bonito powder, chili paste. for the spicy miso, same except for miso sauce instead of bonito.

          i too ate all of the rice, which at 1st seemed weird to be served with ramen, but i discovered how tasty it was with a little tsukemen broth.

          i'm looking forward to going back soon to try the shoyu and tonkotsu ramen.

        2. re: blimpbinge

          "I asked if they are related to the benten chain in japan, and the waiter said no"

          well SHIT they made a liar out of me. the signage is verbatim, and then logo is even a riff on the japanese og shop.

          thanks for reading/taking one for the team blimpbinge/dreamcast. question: what was the tsukemen noodle's temperature upon service?

          1. re: TonyC

            tsukemen noodles were perfect, room temp to slightly cold, thick and chewy!

        3. i tried a late lunch there yesterday and again ran out of broth again and are closed until 5:30pm today.

          had to settle for golden deli next door.

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          1. re: barryc

            I went again today and they ran out of tsukemen (the noodles?), they said since last night? He also said they won't have it again til tuesday. They also ran out of the citrus honey drink.. well actually they have not had it since thursday and I don't know when they'll ever have it.

            Had to "settle" for tonkotsu and spicy miso.

            Speaking of which, tonkotsu is somewhat oily with a decent amount of flavor, but I wasn't able to really test it because I was just trying some of my bro's bowl. From just a sip, i'd say it's closer to shin sen gumi and yukino-ya's level, than tsujita or santoukas level

            Spicy miso, combined with the temperature of the broth/noodles, made it impossible to actually taste anything. I wouldn't order spicy miso again, it's just covered in spicy oil.

            1. re: blimpbinge

              No broth, no noodles? On multiple occasions? How does that happen?

              1. re: ipsedixit

                I think they underestimated the demand and spillover from gd. Both times I went, there were only 1-2 tables empty.

                1. re: blimpbinge

                  I think this location has bad Feng Shui!

          2. Benten has been absolutlely slammed over the weekend, and had to shut down today to...

            make stock.

            re-opening tomorrow. also, they're back to opening for dinner ONLY.

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            1. re: TonyC

              maybe they should take stock as well.

            2. we were visiting the sgv and had a chance to try out Benten. it was thanx to this thread that i even knew about this place. :> quick thoughts:

              i confirmed w/ the staff that this Benten Ramen has absolutely nothing to do with the Benten in Japan. (darn)

              their Tsukemen was a bit straightforward and basic. it had a solid pork and shoyu taste to it, but it lacked the magic of something like Tsujita (Sawtelle) or a few places i tried in Japan. also, this one was tonkotsu and torigara based w/ no seafood in the base. it was also surprisingly spicy, which overpowered the senses a bit.

              the egg was soft boiled but really soft boiled (and injected with a secret sauce according to the waiter). it wasn't as creamy as an ideal hanjuku tamago. the noodles were thick and chewy and seemed Ok.

              the most disappointing thing was the chashu, though. Their chashu was chalky! :< and it tasted like it was sitting in the fridge for a week (really gross).

              i'd go back if i had a hankering for some tsukemen and was in the sgv, but it's nothing i'd see myself going out of my way for. still i was glad to try it out, thanx. :>

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              1. re: chowseeker1999

                Thanks cs1999 (and others) for the reports (and TonyC for the original tip). Do you think they were operating under less than ideal conditions and that affected the food? Would you try it again after things have settled down? Kotoya took a while to get its footing. Hayatemaru WLA didn't have as much growing pains but it was their second location so they probably had lessons learned from their Torrance location.

                1. re: PeterCC

                  oh no doubt. i'm sure they still have growing pains as they are brand-new. but it's kinda sad that in making that first impression, they flubbed the chashu so badly. but yah i'd go back and try again, but i don't think i'd be in a hurry to drive all the way to the sgv just to try it a 2nd time. if i'm in the area, sure. :>

                  1. re: PeterCC

                    I think the char siu they use for the tsukemen is different from the one they use for the ramen.. i'm not sure why though

                    You're right, the tsukemen's char siu was kinda dry, not the best tasting, so i just threw the remaining pieces in the dipping soup

                  2. re: chowseeker1999

                    Had the tonkotsu and tsukemen.

                    In the grand scheme of ramen joints in the SGV I welcome it. Too long have we had to deal with either Aji-sans or Chinese pork bone soup as a sub for true tonkotsu broth.

                    In the context of LA, I'll still make the drive to the west side for ramen.

                    Tonkotsu broth was decent not great. Noodles had a lack of bite and were maybe a tad overcooked. The chasu seemed more like an afterthought or perhaps a byproduct of the stock itself, lacking the marinated flavors that other joints have.

                    Tsukemen broth was decent as well and improved when I added the nori sheets as well as all the condiments (ground bonito, soy marinated nori, spicy chile paste). The noodles were really good though. Chasu was slightly fattier than the one included with the tonkotsu. Compared to Tsujita there's a lack of the rich seafood-y umami flavor. Frankly nothing has yet to compare to Tsujita's tsukemen IMO, but I'm happy to at least see this style being served by others.

                    Soft boiled egg spooked me because the injected sauce made the yolk darker to the point where I did a double take and smell test to make sure it wasn't a rotten egg.

                    The bowl of rice is a very odd side and doesn't make sense to me, however I did have some remaining egg and chasu and ended up scarfing the whole bowl.