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Jul 4, 2013 02:49 PM

Restaurants in downtown Kingston, and rec's?

Going to be in Kingston one weekend this July. From what I have researched thus far, it seems fairly generic.

Anybody have any recommendations? No real cuisine preference, just looking for great little hole in the wall spots, or "must dine at" locations


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  1. There are so many eats in Kingston!

    Aquaterra- beautiful view of the lake and great prix fixe menu for dinner. A little bit more expensive, but still a great value. Large portions and very high quality. Great service and atmosphere. Can also go for their Sunday brunch.

    Amadeus-very authentic German food, can't go wrong with their schnitzels, chicken paprikash or goulash.

    Pat's Restaurant- 10 min drive outside of downtown but totally worth it for Thai food! One of my favourites in Kingston.

    Woodenhead's- a really popular restaurant by the lake, good for their pizzas

    Hope that gets you started!

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      I love eating in Kingston. Went to school there and still visit just to eat!

      Second Pat's. It's really close to the highway on Division. They do Cambodian the best in the city

      Woodenhead's is really good too. And the prices are extremely reasonable if you're coming from a place like Toronto. I like the pizzas but my fave dish there is the "Kai Mekong" - chicken curry on fried rice cakes. Eat it every time I'm in town

      Pan Choncho's is a good bakery at the end of Princess. Like the brunch there and picking up a few treats for the way home

    2. Le Chien Noir Bistro has been very dependable and premier class.

      The new Days on Front way out in the west end of Kingston is worth putting on your list if you enjoy distinctive contemporary cuisine. The owner and chef formerly led AquaTerra which is still very good too.

      1. Went to chien noir recently (November 2013). While the main courses were excellent, the appetizers and desserts fell short. Both desserts were overbaked and somewhat odd. But the ambience is nice and still a nice evening out.