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Jul 4, 2013 01:39 PM

NY Mag 2013 Cheap Eats - Hakadosh BBQ

Happy 4th Chowhounders!

Having the day off from work gives me a chance to catch up on my reading. In keeping with the BBQ spirit of the 4th, it is nice to see Hakadosh BBQ (specifically, their Turkey Legs) getting a shoutout in this week's NY Mag's Cheap Eats - Best NY BBQ List -

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  1. Saw this too!!! I want to try it!

    1. Wow! this stuff is beyond wonderful. I finally got to one of these, (note: now called "the Wandering Cue" (I wonder if "the Wandering Q" might be more eye catching)

      It was wonderful. the ribs are like nothing you can get in a restaurant or a home grill. I also loved the smoky, perfectly sauced, pulled brisket.

      Get to the next smokin' pop-up even if you have to cross a state line and a couple of rivers.

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      1. re: AdinaA

        I love the opportunity To say I told you so!!!

        Did you have short ribs or spare ribs?

        My order was messed up and I didn't get to taste the turkey leg I ws looking fwd to but still LOVE

        As I told the two guys behind me on line the short rib is musthave

        1. re: shoelace

          Short ribs. Two of us shared an order or short ribs and a BBQ brisket. That way we got to sample the sauce. And also to experience the smoked meat on the short ribs. Amazing.

          I do know that people in Texas eat like this all the time. But I have never tasted meat like this. I may start following Ari around the Metropolitan area, following a smokin' maestro the way groupies follow hot rock bands.

          1. re: AdinaA

            If you really want to get a full blown experience, see if he will do another class at the kosher culinary institute. I went the first time, and he has done it once more since then. I did a brief write up on Chowhound on it.
            It was $95, Ari talked about smoking meat, etc, and at the end, we were treated to all you can eat (and quite a bit to take home).

            1. re: njkosher

              I went the second time. He doesn't allow any taking home anymore; he said the first time people took far too much.

              The class was good, but I think most people were there to eat rather than to really learn about smoking. Won't swear to this, but I think I heard he actually did it this past weekend again, but possibly just for "young marrieds" (in the same place he did the pop-up that was open to all).

            2. re: AdinaA

              i dont love the brisket, but i think thats on me, im not a brisket person

              BUT- ftr, he does not always have short ribs, u want to look on the posting for words like extended menu, or full menu, or of course, msg him and ask

              he had them the first time i went in october, and then not again till yesterday