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Jul 4, 2013 11:58 AM

In Chicago for 1 night near Magnificent Mile - What one place should I go to?


I'm looking for a place to eat dinner near Magnificent Mile area. Any place I must visit? I will likely have a car, but would rather find a place walking distance to the area, and would like to eat a dinner that is unique to Chicago... pizza, hot dogs, etc... but I would also be happy with seafood (Joe's seafood? GT Fish and Oyster?) or Mediterranean food ( Purple Pig?) or...????

Would love suggestions on where you would go if you had one meal in near Magnificent Mile.
I looked though this post:
and also open to suggestions for a lounge for late night snacks as well.


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  1. You could do any of the options you've already mentioned, all of which are excellent, each in its own way. For deep-dish, you could go to the original Uno or Due, or, a little further, Lou Malnati's on Wells or Pizano's on State. For Chicago-style hot dogs and Italian beef sandwiches, head to Portillo's on Ontario. For seafood, I think the two best are GT Fish & Oyster, which is a bit west of there on Wells and has a small plates format, and Shaw's Crab House, which is a block from there and has a more traditional seafood menu (also including maki/sushi). (Joe's is very good too.) I love Purple Pig, but the fact that they don't accept reservations and waits at mealtimes are horrendous (often 2+ hours between 5 and 10 pm) is a deterrent. OTOH you mention a lounge for late-night snacks, and it's perfect for that; they're open till midnight during the week and 2 a.m. (kitchen 1 a.m.) weekends, and the waits aren't bad when you go late.

    >> Would love suggestions on where you would go if you had one meal in near Magnificent Mile.

    If I had to eat only one dinner within a 15-minute walk of Michigan and Ohio, my top two picks would be Naha and Sable. These are two somewhat different places. Naha is an elegant, upscale, somewhat expensive (figure $100-140 per person including moderate alcohol and tax/tip), somewhat dressy (business casual attire) restaurant with contemporary American cuisine with global influences from James Beard Award-winning chef Carrie Nahabedian. (Incidentally, she recently opened Brindille, a French restaurant nearby, which is also excellent.) Sable is a very casual, contemporary, trendy, moderately priced ($60-80/pp inclusive) restaurant with contemporary American cuisine in a small plates format (as well as excellent craft cocktails) from chef Heather Terhune. I would also be remiss if I didn't mention TRU, which is a higher-end fine dining place than Naha; jackets required, $200-300/pp inclusive, and thoroughly excellent. But my top two are still Naha and Sable. And if I had to pick only one dinner, it would be at Sable.

    >> suggestions for a lounge for late night snacks as well

    The Purple Pig, as noted above. Also Quartino, which does Italian small plates.

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    1. I ended up going to Pizano's for deep dish. Also tried out Portillos, and have to say I loved the Italian Beef Sandwiches and hot dogs. Big fan of Portillos.

      1. Also went to Intelligensia. Fantastic coffee.