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Jul 4, 2013 11:18 AM

Any good eating near the airport?

Philly hound coming to Portland for 1 night late July, 2 days/nights early August. Would like 1 good restaurant near the airport for July after landing, then good restaurants anywhere in Portland for lunch/dinner the other 1 days.

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  1. Not much out that way. The airport is only about 15 minutes from downtown and 10 minutes to lots of dining in NE/SE Portland.

    1. Oregonjim -- could you recommend a couple of restaurants in NE/SE Portland easily findable after a transcontinental flight? Thanks.

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      1. re: Beulah

        Off of I-205 from the airport take Division St exit and drive from the 80s down to 30st to 12 st. Along the way are:
        Woodsman Tavern
        Stumptown (original mothership little store)
        Liberty Tavern
        Lauretta Jeans
        Ava Jeans
        Roman Candle
        Salt & Straw
        Block and Tackle
        Bar Avignon
        Double Dragon
        are a few on Division to consider. There are other, but I am not a fan.

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          Take I-205 to the Stark St. exit and go down Stark (it's one way - goes west) to SE 79th. There you will find the Country Cat: