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Jul 4, 2013 10:46 AM

Looking for recommendations in Winthrop (Methow Valley) area

We're planning a 5 night visit in the North Cascades, based out of Winthrop.
Looking for recommendations for good food, coffee, beer. Needs to be relatively kid-friendly as we have two young (under 5) Chowhounds in the making.

I've earmarked The Twisp River Pub, Cinnamon Twisp Bakery and Hank's Market based on another "Twisp-centric" post.

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  1. You've already got my two top recommendations on your list--Twisp River Pub and Cinnamon Twisp. Also, if you like granola-ish natural foods, you can get some great grub and delicious know-yer-socks-off juices at Glover Street Market. It's the closest thing to a co-op in town. For coffee, we found the trip just a few blocks out of town to Blue Star Roasters to be well worthwhile. Great coffee served by true coffee nerds.

    I'd recommend avoiding the Hoot Owl Cafe. Ugh.

    1. for every-day groceries, the supermarket just south of town on Hwy 20 is very helpful and friendly. it is next to the Ace (I think) hardware and the gas station - the post office is nearby too. It has all kinds of "only in America" stuff that we Cdns like to buy. They have a pretty big alcohol selection, including many NW brews

      Sun Mountain Lodge - love it - are you staying there? I would say the dining is pricy but the views are amazing. I don't think the main dining room is very kid friendly tho. That said Sun Mtn Lodge does offer a horse-drawn ride and cowboy cookout --- it's fun. Again, not cheap but definitely unique esp if your kids like horses. It's not the best food you've ever had - but go for the experience and camaraderie (it is what you make of it kind of thing)

      i have been told that the best pizza in town (some days that just hits the spot) is at the bottom of the Sun Mtn Road, just where the hiway 20 bridge leaves town toward Twisp

      what day is the farmers' market in Twisp - i can't remember. I'm sure it's google-able.

      the ice cream place (Sherri's?) is cute - there are vintage western saddles that your kids can sit on - it's IN the town - on the main corner as you enter via Hwy 20 from the west - it's by the bridge near the big red barn. Everyone knows.

      the Duck Brand - it's been there for what seems like eons. Outdoor deck, reasonable price, i would say kid friendly - not exciting chow cuisine but it's there.

      if you are doing a loop back over Hwy 20 toward Mt Vernon - make time to take a break at Cascadian Farm - it is the Cascadian Farm - organic brand - great ice cream, interesting gardens that your kids can run around in before waiting in the border line-up back to Canada.

      watch for deer when you drive around that valley - esp at dusk. They are everywhere.

      1. (this is continued from your Osoyoos question on the BC Board) ... oh - so you're thinking of crossing at Nighthawk (south of Cawston, BC)? remember it's open only certain hours - again no fuel (see Lotus' comment above) if you're counting on filling-up on the USA side.

        i'll post this on your question on the US board, too, ok?

        Trino's in Oroville

        Rancho Chico in Omak

        dare i say on CH - the walmart in Omak (can't miss it at the top of the hill as you enter town from the north on 97) has a ton of all that american food some of us can't wait to buy!
        (incl lots of organic Annies brand snack foods etc)

        from Omak / Okanogan, you'll be turning west on to Hwy 20 - up and over the Loup Loup pass to Twisp, then Winthrop. Watch for deer when you drive day and night - they are everywhere in the Methow.

        1. I thought I would report back on our trip results. Unfortunately with two little kids in tow and a well-equipped kitchen in our accommodation we didn't eat out as much as we otherwise would.

          We did get take-away pizza from East of 20 pizza (near the Red Apple Market just south of Winthrop) which was excellent. The dine-in restaurant's deck and their parking lot were packed everytime we drove by so they're doing something right here.
          We also had dinner at the Old School House Brewery. Lovely tree-covered, riverfront patio in the back and excellent beers (we tried the IPA and the ESB which were both excellent representations of their style). The food wasn't anything to write home about but was decent pub food.
          We also enjoyed the baking from Rockin' Horse Bakery and Sheri's Ice Cream Shoppe which seems to be the must-stop place for visitors judging by the crowds.
          All in all a lovely trip and we'll be back.

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          1. re: islandgirl

            where did you stay in Winthrop? Just curious what you thought of your accomm. (info for our next trip) Thank you.

            1. re: Georgia Strait

              We stayed in the Cabin at the Spring Creek Ranch.


              It was excellent, very clean and well equipped. We notified the manager that the propane tank for the BBQ was empty and a new full one appeared within hours. It's located on an alfalfa farm in a beautiful,quiet setting, about a 10 min walk into the town center across the pedestrian bridge. Lots of deer grazing in the fields which thrilled our little ones.
              The only negative was there was a bit of traffic from the road the night we went to bed early but it quiet after about 10pm. The Ranch house would not have this issue as it's set in the middle of the property.

              1. re: islandgirl

                i know where that is - beautiful!

                i hope you made it over to the fish hatchery - and fed the trout in that pond out the back (the hatchery gives you the proper food)

                and i really like the Almquists pottery (it says the cabin is stocked with their local pottery) - I think they are closing their retail shop but you can still call them for pottery.

          2. made a quick trip to the Methow the other day ... went back to the Rocking Horse Bakery (coffee shop, bistro) on the main drag in Winthrop - excellent berry scone and equally enjoyable "Methow Multigrain" bread for our picnic later
            ---- such friendly service too. Very pleasant rustic atmosphere - appears to be a local fav.

            also had dinner at Sun Mtn Lodge in the main (more upscale) dining room - it is certainly NOT inexpensive - however, service, view, food all excellent - esp the local sourcing

            as always, the Red Apple Market (a small supermarket) in Winthrop was as local and helpful as ever. Amazing variety of decent products all in one small space. They have micro brews and wines and cheeses - not so much of a bakery tho - hence making a special stop in at the Rocking Horse (ABOVE) --- easy parking at the Red Apple.

            if you drive the Cascade Loop (BC/WA version) - the one place never to go for basic provisions is the Safeway in Omak WA --- go instead to the Walmart across the intersection fr/ that Safeway - no kidding. The Omak Safeway - hard to put words to it - certainly not what one might be used to in other towns (like the one in Penticton BC is pretty decent and has good, knowledgeable service) --- i hesitated before going in the one in Omak remembering past experiences (admittedly it is better than it was 10 yrs ago) - shoulda gone to Walmart (it has large grocery dept --- had to get some Annies Mac etc - they have it at Walmart in Omak


            oh yes, we enjoyed a couple of brews from Schoolhouse in Winthrop - very nice. We liked the ESB

            ps - we also had time to stop by and feed the trout at the interesting Ntl Fish Hatchery in Winthrop - that's always a good stopping spot - esp w/ young guests in tow! (good washrooms, grassy area to run around on - it's on the Valley Trail too - lots of parking spaces.)

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              It's been several years since I was out that way, but Hanks Grocery in Twisp was a good grocery stop. In particular they make their own ham and other smoked meats.

              I have a favorable impression of other Harvest Foods groceries in small towns of eastern Washington and Idaho.