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Jul 4, 2013 10:44 AM

Locanda verde or colicchio and sons?

DH and I will be back in town for the weekend in a few weeks. Trying to decide between these two restaurants. DS is off at camp so this is a rare dinner out alone. We recently returned from two weeks in Italy, so the food bar is even higher. Service with a smile would be nice too!

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  1. Had a really nice meal at the bar in the Tap Room this past weekend. Pork chop with proscuitto, corn, and green beans for me. Steak with pickled mushroom, sauteed swiss chard, and some carrots. The cocktails we had were really great. The list isn't online, but I tried a lovely tequila drink with black pepper syrup, grapefruit, and dill. My husband had one with rum and a coconut foam, infused with some thai herbs.