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Jul 4, 2013 10:37 AM

Quick Lunch Stop in Osoyoos - looking for recommendation

We're going to be driving through Osoyoos on our way to the North Cascades and was wondering if anyone can recommend a relatively quick place to grab some lunch. We'll be travelling with our young children so a sit-down place needs to be kid-friendly. A take-away place would be great too.

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  1. I've been through Osoyoos a fair few times for work and have never really found anything that beats grabbing some rolls, hummus, tomatoes, deli meats etc etc and having a picnic on the lakefront!

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    1. re: piwakawaka

      Where would you recommend provisioning for picnic? We're coming East on Hwy 3 and then heading south into Washington State.

      1. re: islandgirl

        wouldn't you eat the mexican fare in Oroville?

        if not - my friend highly recommends this bakery

        1. re: Georgia Strait

          We were just thinking about Oroville as well when we realized we can by-pass Osoyoos entirely. Where would you recommend?

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            oh - so you're thinking of crossing at Nighthawk (south of Cawston, BC)? remember it's open only certain hours - again no fuel (see Lotus' comment above) if you're counting on filling-up on the USA side.

            i'll post this on your question on the US board, too, ok?

            Trino's in Oroville

            Rancho Chico in Omak

            dare i say on CH - the walmart in Omak (can't miss it at the top of the hill as you enter town from the north on 97) has a ton of all that american food some of us can't wait to buy!
            (incl lots of organic Annies brand snack foods etc)

            from Omak / Okanogan, you'll be turning west on to Hwy 20 - up and over the Loup Loup pass to Twisp, then Winthrop. Watch for deer when you drive day and night - they are everywhere in the Methow.

      2. There's now artisanal wood-fired pizza at the new at the Black Hills winery tasting room, between Oliver and Osoyoos. Definitely worth the detour.

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        1. re: MissKaka

          That sounds really good ... but not with "young children" ... that's something you would do as a couple to enjoy yourself and not be "encumbered" by kids.

          Perhaps that's me (I have 4) ... bringing my children to a situation like that is not my idea of "quick place to grab some lunch".

        2. I still have memories of eating fried chicken from a takeout shack at Osoyoos 9 summers ago. Took it in a box and brought it back to my B&B where I ate it on the back deck overlooking the lake. Paired with white wine and a selection of local cheeses and fruits, it was strangely one of those wonderful food moments I still dream about. Who knew?

          1. Reporting back: Unfortunately, The Lake Village Bakery really is just a bakery. The bread looked and smelled amazing but not enough for lunch. They recommended Jojo's on the Main St so we checked it out. Wonderful sandwiches made to order on homemade bread. The oven-roasted turkey really was and the egg salad was nice and chunky. All sandwiches served with a side of coleslaw (oil and vinegar, not mayo-based dressing). Their just 1/2 a block up from the waterfront so we took our sandwiches down to the beach and it worked great.

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            1. re: islandgirl

              where did you stay in Winthrop - i posted that question on the Pac NW board - in your Methow thread - we'll have to make a point of trying that Hwy 20 pizza next time!

            2. thank you - this and your princeton bc report are useful to those of us who are beyond gvrd

              will keep in mind next time we head over the border

              i am looking fwd to your winthrop report - sun mtn is my fav.