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Jul 4, 2013 08:58 AM

Roti like the Real Jerk made it

Can anyone recommend any place in TO where one can get Jamaican Roti like the Real Jerk made it? By this I mean, with the chickpea style wrap..not ones made of just flour like most places seem to offer it

I'm sick of waiting for the Real Jerk to probably never reopen! and we are hankering roti :)


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  1. most roti places will use the dal puri (chickpea style) wrap if you ask them to instead of the paratha style

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      Interesting.. I did not know that!

    2. Haven't been to the former Real Jerk for decades, but I do often have complaints that differ from one place to another. My major one is that it takes but minutes to make a roti on the stove top, so why are so many lazy places now preparing the wrap in advance and then heating it up in a microwave. I now ask every time if the wrap will be made fresh upon my order! I understand though, that choices of fillings have to be prepared and rest in a warmer.

      1. I have often wondered about the difference myself. I think it's probably more than the roti opinions anyone?

        Roti Palace (Bathurst/Bloor) is your best bet downtown. The Caribbean flare is evident the moment you walk through the door. I always get the veg varieties, but honestly everything is really good on their menu.

        Island Foods (King/Duff) uses chickpea roti by default, but they are west indian. Still my favorite spot to get my daal roti downtown.

        1. I'd recommend my local, Blue Water Curry & Roti. It's a little rough and tumble, so you may just wanna get take-out. You don't want to miss it. West side of Victoria Park, 2 lights north of Eglinton.

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              I quite liked Blue Water too. I'll also recommend Danforth Roti and Ali's in Parkdale. These are all Trinidadian as opposed to Guyenese.

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                take a look at the "directions" on their website!

              2. The Real Jerk has re-opened, with the grand opening on Oct 5. I am going there tonight. Here is the preliminary menu which they said will be different later on.

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                  Yea, I'm oh so happy about this.. gonna wait a few weeks though to let the kinks get worked out.

                  Interested in how you find it.. is it the same as before or has it changed...

                  And.. most importantly.. do they still have London Porter on tap!