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Jul 4, 2013 08:44 AM

where are the best pig's feet?

I totally enjoy the pig feet ( tonsoku 豚足) at Rockmeisha. They are cooked perfectly and are very flavorful. I happen to enjoy all their dishes but presently I am on a search for the best pig's feet of any cuisine. The consistency reminded me of the Pig ear at Salvation, very much collagen.
I also like the crispy pata at Tito Rad's which tastes and feels totally different from the tonsoku at Rockmeisha. Any recommendations from my fellow CH'ers?

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  1. have you been to Hakata Ton Ton? it's a Japanese place not far from Rokmeisha that specializes in pig's feet. i love everything there.

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      I've been to Hakata Ton Ton but never had their pigs feet. I'll try them. thanks

    2. what about the boned-out, re-stuffed fore-trotter at the breslin?


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            Will definitely bring my husband on his b'day...he will love it.
            If I didn't read about this, I'd never pay $44 for pigs feet...but it sounds totally worth it.

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              Wow I wasn't even aware of the Breslin version. I will try it soon!

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                Amazingly ( to me) i've never been to Breslin