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Gotham Burger Manhattan

I went. They were out of the beef bacon that others have raved about on this board. The wait staff was sweet but bumblingly inexperienced, like a comedy routine. i.e. 2 people order 1 drink each. 1 drink comes. ask again. 3 separate waiters come bearing 1 drink each for a total of 4 drinks. Order 2 burgers - 1 each - and a side of fries. 1 burger arrives. ask again. nothing. ask again. 2nd burger finally arrives. ask again . fries come. All so charmingly, incompetently polite that it was actually amusing.

But I was there for the burgers that everyone was raving about. Last winter I had a truly memorable burger, a burger to rave about, at a party at Prime at the Bentley. Great restaurant burgers exist. I do like the ones at Amsterdam Burger.

But this burger was a burger, nothing special. I adore fries but these fries were just okay. And I am a fan of great bread. The brioche it was served on was okay, but nothing special.

It did seem like a comfortable place to go with kids. A burger shop. convenient, but not chowish.

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  1. We also had inept service. We ordered food that never arrived, then when we asked where it was they said they ran out. However, the fried chicken was surprisingly good.

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      Also they were handing out ribs to the crowd that was waiting- the ribs were surprisingly quite good!

    2. Agreed, the food is average. I like the burgers at ABC better. But Gotham is cheaper and has a larger menu. If you're going with picky eaters or if you want to save some cash then Gotham is the choice. But if I'm going for a burger on my own I'll stick with ABC.

      1. I agree I thought the service was poor and the food was just ok. It took forty five minutes to just to get our appetizers. When they finally served our burgers and fries they didnt even give us ketchup.

        1. when I go, and I go in teaneck, not the uws, I generally call ahead and ask if they have the bacon- they often run out of it

          in terms of the rest of the menu, the fried chicken is almost always incredible- last time I had it, it was not, but that's 1 of many many times,

          the burgers at times have been really delicious, and at times have just been good

          the onion rings are INCREDIBLE- beer battered- super fresh- peppery- very addictive

          the chicken fingers are very crunchy- which makes me happy- bc that's often not the case

          the chicken wings in the assigned sauce- when we switched out the sauce we didn't like them as much

          on that note- the mango habanero sauce with anything

          and the fried oreos- well- whats the say- theyre fried oreos- both delicious and horrifying

          what I don't like- the steak sandwich was just meh- the steak, the sauce- they were all- just eh, the chicken sandwich probably would have been good on other bread- the chicken was cooked perfectly but the bread tasted old and I dunno if this is right word, powdery- im a whole grain fan- so that wasn't the issue, and it gave off like a pastiness to the chicken, I ordered it again to see if the bread was the issue and asked them to switch out the bread and when I arrived home saw that they hadn't and I think it ended up being trashed

          1. adina- ive been thinking about your crappy experience

            i have not loved everything ive had there- the fries included on that list- but what i do LOVE- none of which you tried, to me makes it worth it to push someone who consistently posts reviews and commentary that i take seriously, to give them another chance

            theyve been open only a month- and need to be given a chance to iron out the kinks, if this was a place that id found to be not responsive to commentary- then id say forget them- but my experience has been the opposite for the most part

            if you would- reach out to the owners and share your experience- if youre turned off enough by the experience that you dont want to give it another chance- at least theyll know what theyre screwing up for the rest of us, if youre willing to give them another chance, im sure youre next experience will be better- but promise youll get the onion rings!

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              That's fair. I'll go again, although perhaps not for the next nine days or so ;-)

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                when i went and had a major issue- i ranted about it on fb and one of the owners reached out and gave me his cell # and had me go in to the issue i experienced at length so it could be corrected

                would you be willing to reach out to them? ill get you the #

                ftr- i am not connected to them, other than the allegiance ive formed based on my addiction to the perfect seasoning on their onion rings and fried chicken

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                  Finally got back to Gotham. The beef bacon added a smoky goodness to the burger, which was a good burger. I was at Amsterdam last week, and I do prefer their burgers - although I wish one or the other of them would offer a really great, crusty roll. On the other hand, Gotham has beer on tap (and you can watch a football game while you eat). I understand that the choice of beers on tap varies, but the Saranac IPA I drank was lovely.

              2. We'd had lousy service about a week after they opened, and friends of ours had problems with the food. But we were hoping for it to get better, so we went again on Saturday night with another couple.

                We got there at about 11:20, and waited around 25 minutes for a table (that was in the range they had told us). While waiting, we got drinks. The selection on tap is nice- nothing too unusual, but the Blue Moon and Sam Adams Summer Ale were both nice, and the wives enjoyed their frozen margarita and daiquiri.

                We ended up splitting what I'd think of as "bar food." A large order of onion rings, 4 sliders, chicken fingers, and the chili fries. All were good, though I think that the sliders were a step below somewhere like ABC's burgers. The service was fine, though not exceptional.

                One problem that does exist is waiting there. They really need a bigger area by the bar, but of course that would cut down on available seating.

                Like I said, nothing too amazing, but it might end up being the "Monday Night" place (by which my friend means Monday Night Football).

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                  I heard they closed, but their website still lists uws location. ???

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                    The Dept of Health ordered them closed... They were given permission to re-open on September 9th. They posted on FB that they are open today.

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                        I can't post a direct link but see the NY dept of health website and search for the restaurant. http://a816-restaurantinspection.nyc....

                        look at the inspection on 8/29/13 on the left side.

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                            Well, I guess that solves the Gotham - ABC debate (for me anyway) ABC got an A in inspection.

                            1. re: JackieR

                              I fairness to Gotham, ABC has some points against it on the health dept site, even with the A grade. It just shows you the arbitrariness of the NYC grading system.

                              The better reason to go to ABC over Gotham is the food is much better.

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                                I read both health reports, as well as the reports for other restaurants I frequent on the uws. You are right -- every restaurant has some issues. But not one came even remotely close to the number of disgusting issues that Gotham has.

                2. A friend really wanted their sliders, so I went last night. A mixed bag at best. The sliders are okay. Not in the same stratosphere as Amsterdam Burger's burgers, but they're fine. If I has small children I think I would find Gotham's sliders a smart way to make 4 small people happy for not much $$. They're cute.

                  We also ordered the garlic greenbeans and they were two different kinds of fiasco. The first order arrived so drowned in red pepper flakes that even my friend, who DRINKS hot sauce (yes, really) found them too firey.

                  The manager heard our comments and took them away, bringing us back a plate of them "done the way they should be." In a way, even worse. We expected garlic string beans to be fresh stringbeans with fresh garlic. Presumably olive oil. Instead these tasted strongly of garlic powder and were clearly frozen string beans. I mean, come on!!

                  My friend and I decided, because the manager was so nice and asked us repeatedly how they were, to tell him. He claimed that the garlic was fresh but was granulated somehow and mixed with margarine and frozen, before being added to the beans. First of all, if this is true, it's an awful lot of work to end up with something that looks, tastes and feels like garlic powder on frozen greenbeans. Second of all.... MARGARINE??? REALLY??

                  This was my friend's second time there. She said the other time she and her friend had salads and they were all too sweet. So, in sum, nice as the staff may be, I'll be heading to the GREAT burgers two blocks away. Sorry guys, you are going to have to do a whole lot better.