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Jul 4, 2013 03:51 AM

Besides pesto with basil, what other herbs or whatnot have you used to make a similar type mix?

We love pesto, I try to always have some on hand as I like to add a spoonful to just about anything. Such a great flavor! But despite planting two packets of two different type basils this spring, nothing came up! What a disappointment. I think the blue jays ate all the seeds, it was Burpee so I don't think it was me. Meanwhile, back to buying fresh basil at the store. So sad.

But the rest of my herb garden is doing fine. I have three kinds of mint (banana, pineapple and chocolate) and am thinking of doing something with that. I have lemon balm, lemon verbena and lemon thyme (can you tell I love lemon flavor?) I've seen arrugala, cilantro and parsley "pesto" at the farmstands. Any tried and true ideas? It freezes so well, I'd love to stock up while summer is in full swing.

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  1. Mint pesto would be fabulous!

    I know it's not technically an herb, but I've used arugula to make pesto. It's bitter, but I love it. :)

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      Mint pesto is great with fish. I cut it with a little Italian parsley, depending on the strength of my mint. I do the mint with walnuts - no real reason, I just do.

      The fennel frond idea sounds amazing and I'm going to have to try that. Fennel fronds are also a great addition to bread.

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        Thanks, I grew the fennel for no special reason but welcome any ideas!

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        Arugula pistachio my new favorite pesto

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          Arrugala. Pistachio. A match made in heaven.

      3. Made traditional pesto last night but added rosemary to stretch it. Really strong and pungent.

        1. I went to Sicily recently, so pesto was on my mind - they do one there that has tomatoes/almonds/basil, I think. Also pistachio and basil pesto. As far as other herbs go, I'm less clear - coriander pesto tastes too soapy to me; I make one with parsley/anchovies/olive oil/balsamic/lots of raw garlic/lemon zest and juice/breadcrumbs that's sort of halfway to a salsa verde.

          1. Maybe buy some basil and make some different basil mint pesto's for your freezer. Basil and mint are such classic flavors together and your flavored mints would be a great twist on pesto. I have made a mint/basil/walnut pesto before that was fabulous. Walnuts seem to taste great in different herb pesto combinations.

            I have been busy with my herbs as well. I make herbed vinegars (you have herbs that would be great for that) and herb infused oils. I also dry them and combine them in different herb mixes, they store well in glass jars.

            1. I've used fresh rosemary and fresh garlic to make a pesto for meats and pasta. It's wonderful. Thank God for my Cuisinart.

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                I know, it comes out so good in the processor. I originally bought a mortar and pestle since they say it's the only way, but never got the hang of it.

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                  Wow this sounds great. Do you add anything else?