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Jul 4, 2013 03:36 AM

Spicy Burger Sauce Recipe? (Without Ketchup)

Hi everyone, we're grilling burgers this Sunday and I haven't been able to find any recipes for spicy sauce online that doesn't have ketchup. My husband and I both detest it. Other than ketchup, we pretty much eat everything.

Does anyone have a killer spicy burger sauce recipe for me? :-)

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  1. Kimchi.
    Not so much a sauce or a condiment as a topping, but definitely worth a try.

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    1. re: Kris in Beijing

      Great suggestion. If there's a Trader Joe's near you, consider buying their version of Kimchi, available in a pouch in the refrigerated section. It is almost as good as the stuff I used to be able to buy at a local farmer's market from a young Korean fellow who called his company "Number One Son." (If you live near the Washington Blvd., Arlington, VA farmer's market, look for this product Sunday mornings.)

      Another recommendation: Chimichurri sauce (I used to get my favorite mail ordered from the Santa Fe Chile Shop, but they haven't carried that brand in ages. I have three recipes, but I haven't made any of those yet. Perhaps someone will contribute a recipe he/she can vouch for.)

      Finally, a recipe for Avocado-Tomatillo Sauce:

      3 medium-sized green tomatoes, coarsely chopped
      (you can substitute yellow if you can't find green ones, but never use red)
      4 tomatillos, cleaned and chopped
      1 to 2 jalapenos, stemmed and coarsely chopped
      3 small garlic cloves
      3 medium-sized ripe avocados, peeled, pitted and sliced
      4 sprigs cilantro
      1 tsp. of salt
      1 1/2 cups of sour cream

      Combine tomatoes, tomatillos, jalapenos and garlic in a saucepan. Bring to a boil (tomatoes will give off their liquid); reduce heat until mixture simmers and continue cooking 10 to 15 minutes. Remove from heat and let cool slightly.
      In the bowl of a food processor or blender, combine tomato mixture with the avocados, cilantro and salt; blend until smooth.

      Pour into a bowl and stir in sour cream.

      Makes 4 to 5 cups

    2. Chipotles are your best friends in constructing a sauce like this. Try simmering onion, garlic, vinegar, sugar, tomato sauce and chipotles along with any other seasonings you like, then whiz it in a blender. Spicy and not ketchup!

      1. We never put ketchup on burgers, usually mayo. But recently I've been finely chopping up a chipotle in adobo and mixing with the mayo. LOVE it. And you can make it as spicy as you want.

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        1. re: c oliver

          That sounds really good. My quick and dirty salsa is one can of chipotles in adobo and one 15 oz. can of fire roasted tomatoes pureed in a food processor. It's good on sandwiches, with chips, as a cooking sauce, and just about anything you can think of. It doesn't feel like I'm making anything (since I'm not) but it really is delicious.

          1. re: JonParker

            Ooh, I gotta do that one. Easy and good are two of my favorite things when it comes to food. I keep meaning to stock up on fire roasted tomatoes.

            As an aside, I don't honestly thing that chipotles in adobo are all that hot. People tend to think that even a little bit is blisteringly hot whereas I think they certainly have heat but it's more that deep smoky flavor.

        2. I love the bomba sauce, made from mushrooms eggplant and Calabrian peppers, wizzed together with some mayo. You could also mince up some jalapeƱos and add them to your meat so the heat is dispersed. Or you could go Japanese with wasabi mayo or Korean with ssamjung sauce. Lots and lots of options....

          1. How about vindaloo paste?

            Kimchi is a great idea. For salad dressing I buzz kimchi with a little extra garlic, ginger, a smidge of vinegar and oil.

            I personally like mustard and jalapeno slices (which I realize constitutes toppings, not sauce).