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Jul 3, 2013 09:57 PM

east bay restaurants open on 4th of July?

we were looking for pizza, but not much is open. anything else??? oakland, berkeley, emeryville areas...

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  1. Lanesplitter should be open.

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    1. Try open table? I did a quick search for tomorrow and found 69 restaurants with tables.

      Of places I'd want to go, Vo's is open, and Fiore and Five and The Forge and Ajanta and Bocanova.

      1. Saigon Seafood is open--we're going there for dimsum soon.

        1. I think Brozheit Lokal, the new sausage/beer place in Jack London is open.

            1. re: Robert Lauriston

              We ended up at Zut on Fourth, and had a lovely dinner. The starters were the standouts - meze plate and a salad. The burgers were alright, with great shoestring fries. Service was fantastic. The walk to and from was lovely this evening.