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Jul 3, 2013 08:09 PM

Blue Jays Fans! Whaddaya eat when you're at Rogers Centre?

I hit my usual Olde Spadina Avenue for dogs and fries. (Wasn't that Baldwin St before?) What do you like?

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  1. It's a bit of a walk (maybe ten minutes) but the quadumvirate of quick/casual places around Queen and Spadina -- Burger's Priest, White Squirrel, Banh Mi Boys, and Come and Get It -- are all good for a quick bite before a game. Blue Goose by the harbourfront would also be a pretty great option. That's certainly where I'll be going if I find myself at a game again this summer.

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    1. re: Michael N

      I think specifically the OP is wondering about insider the Roger's centre itself but those are good recs for the area...

      1. re: ylsf

        Yeah, I initially thought Googs was referring to some place on Spadina, but I guess that's actually a place IN the Rogers Centre.

        I guess my answer would be: the food at the ballpark is so comically overpriced (and okay at best) that I generally skip it altogether and eat in the area before the game.

    2. The roast beef sandwich from the carvery in the 100s is a pretty good deal at around $10. The beef is sliced to order, and includes coleslaw and a pickle.

      However, since I discovered that Rogers Centre allows you to bring in outside food and drink, I've ditched the sandwich! The security is pretty lax - I went in with some street meat once, and nobody blinked.

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      1. re: klf

        I do mean inside the Rogers Centre. I don't mind paying the prices because of the convenience factor. I don't mind eating ballpark food because, hey, I'm at a baseball game.

        klf, the Sightlines Carvery on 100 deck. Do you know roughly whereabouts? Behind home, along the 3rd or 1st base line? Do they really allow outside food or is it just you find it easy to get past security? Are there any limitations? I note there's a 600 ml size limit on beverages that must be in a plastic container.

        1. re: Googs

          It's right behind home in the 100s, maybe a little closer to 3rd...I think the name's changed though (King's Clubhouse?). The last time I got it was at the beginning of the season - it was tasty, and the portion was fair.

          Yes, they do allow outside food. I always bring snacks and drinks in a plastic bag, and security just looks inside to make sure there's no alcohol. Here's what the website says:

          "Rogers Centre does allow guests to bring food in as long as the items are wrapped, bagged or left inside a container to avoid spillage. Cans, glass bottles, aluminum/steel water bottles or drinks larger than 600 ml are not permitted."

          Not sure on the official stance on street meat, since I've only tried it once. I was frantically trying to finish my 'dog when the security guy motioned at me to stop stuffing my face since I could bring it in.

          1. re: klf

            Budweiser King Club, to be precise. I like the roast beef sandwich, but beware the stone-cold gravy they offer - best eaten au naturel.

            1. re: caviartothegeneral

              LOL. Thanks for the warning. Maybe they want you to drink the gravy.

              If I have this right, Sightlines Carvery and Budweiser King Club are 2 different places with the former being a sit-down and the latter a take-out. Do I have that right? Can you tell I've been a 3rd baseline type all my life? Gotta get out more often.

              1. re: caviartothegeneral

                Found it. Might try it again, but I doubt I'd throw my Olde Spadina Ave kosher dog over for it. For all the swish, I still found the flavour hard to find.

            2. re: Googs

              The carvery is between 121 and 122. It's where my seats are and where I always grab beer. :)

          2. We always eat before a game and I usually take a chocolate bar in my purse in case I get the munchies. No way will I pay those prices!

            1. I usually have to get the popcorn. It's overly salty and overly buttered, although I love it for the nostalgic reasons. I like to get a large and take home the leftovers. Don't usually eat a meal inside Rogers.

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              1. re: fryerlover

                I started a whole thread on how the Pizza at the Rogers Centre as well as ACC is some of the best pizza I've ever had despite the fact it's pizza pizza which I usually can't stand. I thought it was all in my head until a ton of people I know all agreed with me. Turns out that the pizza at rogers centre and ACC as well as some other places is actually made by a company called Aramark. I guess pizza pizza just pay to have their name and stuff on it for advertising.

                Aramark if your out there reading, please open up your own pizza chain.

                1. re: C mac

                  cmac, I thought that thread was one of those surprisingly enlightening ones that made me do a double take on chains.

                  That said, I agree with others that the price is, hard to swallow.
                  These days I follow food truck Toronto
                  A couple of them are usually within the one block radius when game is on.

                  1. re: C mac

                    lol please do not open ANY type of chain Aramark. this company caters for a bunch of places...including UofT (utsc more specifically). overpriced and medicore food.

                    btw i think it's pretty awesome the rogers centre now lets fans bring in their own food! i'd always pre-eat or starve during games just to avoid the massively overpriced junk food they serve.

                    1. re: blitz

                      yeah aramark catered the cafeteria when i went to university in ottawa and it was really pretty lame stuff

                      1. re: disgusti

                        Everyone I know loves the pizza they make.

                2. Pickles on a stick at the Shopsy!