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Jul 3, 2013 07:37 PM

Causal dinning near ferry building [San Francisco]

Here's a challenge. Folks coming to visit next week to see America's cup boats. We will be arriving on the ferry from marin. The plan is to walk to see the boats and then have a casual lunch. Pops can't walk too far and won't stand for a long wait. Would like good food in a causal setting. Must be a place that we can sit and eat comfortably. Any kind of food is o.k. I think ferry building may be too hectic. Any suggestions appreciated.

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  1. weekend lunch in that part of town, not ferry bldg, hmmm. Tadich is right there and open on Saturdays (not Sunday) but no reservations. still, in non-prime time hours I've never waited long or even at all.

    1. The Waterfront Restaurant at Pier 7 should work for you. It's near AC headquarters, has good food in a casual/comfortable setting and, of course, overlooks the water.

      1. Which day of the week? There are a lot more options on weekdays than on Saturdays, and fewer on Sundays.

        You're just planning to look out on the bay from somewhere around the Ferry Building, not go up to the America's Cup Pavilion?

        1. Thanks for you responses so far. Actually we will be there next Tuesday. Tadich seems a bit too formal for us for lunch. the waterfront rest. looks like a good possibility.

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