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Jul 3, 2013 07:05 PM

Fresh egg noodles that aren't gummy

I am looking for sheets of egg noodles (and spinach ones) that have the correct proportion of egg to flour, not the usually glue like water and flour ones. Anyone know of some good quality pasta places where I could get this? Have car; will travel.

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  1. Try Bologna Pastificio on Dufferin, near Glencairn. Fresh pastas and sauces to go. While you're there, you can stop in at Columbus Bakery and pick up some tasty Colombian pastries -- both sweet and savoury.

    1. I really like Pastissima on Yonge between Eglinton and Lawrence.

      1. Queen's Pasta, at 66 Newcastle S of the QEW and E off Royal York sells a large variety of fresh pasta from their small retail outlet.

        Their core business is supplying many restaurants and caterers with specialty pasta sheets and shapes. The only concern is some pack sizes might be too large for home use.

        Their quality is superb when products are not overcooked.