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Jul 3, 2013 06:50 PM

Food Service / Restaurant Supply Stores near Waukegan?

We are looking for a foodservice / restaurant supply store in the North Chicagoland area (we live in Waukegan, but would be willing to travel). When I lived in Seattle, I used to go to Cash and Carry ( all the time for big bags of flour, inexpensive parchment paper, plastic deli containers, huge bags of tortilla chips, #10 cans of tomato sauce, 20 lb. bags of onions, cryovac meat packages etc.

I know of restaurant equipment stores that sell stuff like hoods, ranges, knives, and tools, but I'm looking for ingredients. Anything like that out here, or do I just need to suck it up and get a Costco membership?

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  1. The closest I know of beyond Costco and Sam's Club is Restaurant Depot. The closest one to you is in Des Plaines, which unfortunately is still far

    1. The Restaurant Depot location in Des Plaines is a sad rendition of what some of their other stores are. The best in the Chicago area sorry to say is way out in Lombard and if you find a Costco nearer you, take it.

      It's also my understanding you'll have to have an actual business license as a restaurant to gain a RD membership, though I'm sure there are tricks to get around that.