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Jul 3, 2013 06:20 PM

What's the problem with Costco's peaches?

For the second year in a row, we have bought some amazing-smelling and looking peaches from Costco that simply refuse to soften up. Before last year, the peaches I would get from Costco were so delicious, I thought I was back in Italy. I have tried everything -- keeping them uncovered on the counter, covering them, and covering them with a banana inside. What's the story? Why don't these peaches ripen?

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  1. Not sure it's just Costco. I've had similar problems at several grocers over recent years to the point that I no longer buy any "fresh" peaches at grocery stores. Either they do not ripen or they are typically dry / mealy. I've occasionally been lucky to get a few decent ones, but for the most part, they've been uneatable.

    Only "fresh" peaches I get now are directly from a local orchard.

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      I have bought from the local farmers market. Delicious but SO expensive. You can't beat a local orchard, though.

      I never buy from grocery stores now - many years of lessons learned.

    2. I've been buying CA peaches at Costco for at least the past 6 weeks, I buy them a bit on the hard side and they ripen up nicely, they last5 + days. There sweet and delicious! Do you set them in a sunny spot?

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        No, on the kitchen counter, where I always put fruit to ripen...

      2. I've never had a CA peach I've liked, here or there. Do they also sell East Coast ones? They're usually more reliable, in my experience.

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          Interesting, I love CA peaches but, not East Coast peaches. Costco does get East Coast Peaches later in the summer.

        2. My theory about this is that it has to do with the temperature at which the peaches are stored. I have had the same problem with all the peaches from a local grocer (Russo's, for folks in the Boston area) but no issue with the peaches from another local source (Wilson Farms).

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            I've found that you have to be careful with Russo's. The unripe don't ripen and there is usually a couple overriped/moldy peaches in the bin (could just be my luck). But when you can get a ripe peach/plum/apricot they are realy good.

          2. I have bought them for the past 3 weeks at the CA Costco. The peaches AND nectarines - and they have been wonderful.

            However, I understand your frustration as I believe there is a very small window in which they are good and then they are hard and do not ripen.

            I'm surprised that they smell great but don't ripen. Maybe try the brown paper bag method?