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Quick Midcoast Maine Report - Boothbay, Portland, Damariscotta

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Just got back from our third annual visit to mid-coast Maine, here is a brief report on our meals over the past week....

Our party consisted of 6 - two kids (3 year old and baby)

Boothbay Harbour - had the majority of our meals here - as this is where we were based... Not exactly a mecca for fine dining... but definitely some decent meals. We ate a lot of boiled lobster and they all were about the same in this respect.

Andrew's Harborside (by the footbridge) - excellent, charming service, overall, we enjoyed our two meals there. Great crab cake, orange reduction sauce is okay - I asked for it on the side. Clam chowder is thickish with a hint of garlic. Not bad. Boiled lobster dinner is good.

Lobster Dock (other side of the footbridge) - fisherman's dinner (which is an assortment of fried seafood - scallops, haddock, clams, maine shrimp, oysters?), clam chowder is thin style, full of clams; the crab cakes are tasty (unnecessarily drizzled with lots of mayo/chili sauce... had I known, I would have had it on the side. I think I preferred Andrew`s, but I would definitely get it again.) Decent meal with lots of traffic, attentive service.

McSeagulls - huge capacity - they are very popular - and know how to move crowds - food comes quickly and is as you`d expect. It was only okay. The clam chowder is nice, not too thin, full of meaty clams. Oyster po`boy is good. The fried oysters were creamy on the inside and crispy on the outside. Lobster dinner and calamari was fine. Service is efficient.

Mine Oyster - same management as McSeagulls. They have changed their menu from last year. Oyster are still their thing... but they have added a fire grill - so grilled chicken, ribs, etc are available. It is a nice option to the fried seafood fare. The service team seems eager to please. Very promising. (Also offer a sushi menu - don`t know if it was the greatest as my son ate it all, but it was a welcome change to all the fried fare.)

Portland - we only had one meal here -:( but it was great. Duckfat! It was crowded but we arrived at little after lunch and had a spot right away. It was excellent. I had the meatloaf sandwich which had a really nice beefy flavour. The chorizo soup (special) was rich and memorable. The pulled pork and BGTs were also a hit. Not super kid friendly but we were able to manage and the restaurant was as accommodating as they could have been.

Damariscotta - Our rainy day adventure took us to Damariscotta. We found ourselves enjoying an excellent lunch at Damariscotta River Grill. The best value and most kid friendly. I had a huge and very delicious Rueben with the Broccoli Waldorf salad, the BLTs were devoured instantly, and they turkey club with cranberries also scored home runs.

We stopped at Glidden Point Oyster Farm for a dozen grillers. They were fantastic. We really enjoyed them.

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  1. Great report--Thank you

    1. Thanks for the reviews - we will be in Boothbay Harbor in less than 2 weeks. Did you notice and lobster dinner specials? Last year both Fisherman's Wharf and Tug Boat Inn offered twin lobsters for $15.

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        I didn't see any big offers this year v. last year... but I think it is still really early in the season. My husband and I had lobster dnners at Andrews and Mcseagulls this year and I don't recall them being that much of a deal. (I recall about $18-20 for a single, don't quote me.)

        I understand that lobster prices are still soft though.

        I forgot to mention we also had amazing lobster rolls at Trevett Country Store (near the botanical gardens). they also seemed to have the best price on live ones if you want to prepare them yourselves. The service is very surly though.

        How is Tugboat? never eaten there!

      2. Thanks for the report. I think knowing something like Broccoli Waldorf salad is on the menu points to a restaurant that is probably better than average. It's all too easy to find sub-standard cole slaw that restaurants buy in commercial tubs.

        1. We did not eat at the Tug Boat Inn, but I noticed the sign with lobster prices the same as the Fisherman's Wharf.

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          1. re: westie

            We had such a hard time selecting restaurants this year (we have a 4 month old) and reviews on various internet sites are not that reliable given rankings are often based on number of reviews which can be misleading, at times.