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Jul 3, 2013 05:40 PM

Philly hounds celebrating special anniversary in DC

Hello! We will be visiting DC, staying at the Hay Adams, to celebrate our anniversary at the end of this month. What are your suggestions for a delicious, beautiful, romantic place near our hotel to celebrate? $50/less per person.

Also, any must-not-be-missed spots for lunch or brunch over the weekend? We tend to like casual and comfortable over trendy/stuffy. We are not big drinkers.

Thank you in advance for your help!

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  1. Bombay Club is super convenient, very nice dining room, not too noisy.

    Other recommendations for that neighborhood:

    1. Well CityZen is no slouch, I think their price fixe menu at the bar is $50 pp without alcohol though. And you may not want to stay at the hotel.

      In that case, I haven't been yet, but will be going soon to Casa Luca. The restaurant is the sibling to Fiola which is just fantastic, but a bit above your price range. Casa Luca is more casual, but reports on suggest it's just as good. It isn't super close, but not too far away.

      Central is close and would probably work price point wise I think, but I haven't been in a while. I would also scope out Bibiana which isn't far either.

      Brunch at the Source is pretty incredible. For more casual you could wander through Union Market which is a lot of fun. Dino has a great brunch or dinner and has the vibe you probably want but a bit further out. Perhaps the Standard or Birch & Barley would work too. Hope this got to you in time.

      1. There is brunch on the top floor of the Hay-Adams (in the "Top of the Hay" room) when it's not rented for a private party...that might be a nice location because of its great views. Other popular downtown-ish brunch options:
        * Tabard Inn (some management drama in recent months)
        * Ris
        * Firefly
        * Le Diplomate
        * or go to the Eastern Market metro station and try Chesapeake Room, Ted's Bulletin, or the very casual Market Lunch.

        You might want to try Ethiopian or Salvadoran for lunch one day, as they are DC specialties. There are a lot of Ethiopian restaurants around the intersection of 9th and U NW: people seem partial to Etete and Dukem for sit-down fare and Zenebech injera for carry-out. I also like Habesha Market for counter-service. For Salvadorean, i always recommend Judy restaurant just north of 14th and U St. NW. It's not at all fancy (AT ALL) but If you are not going to drink, you can easily order 2 pupusas and an order of plaintains (it comes with free salad and chips and salsa) and have a filling lunch for 2 for $9 + tip. Great Wall, also on 14th St. has well-regarded Sichuan food. And I really really like the pizza at Wiseguys (not far from union station, but even closer to the National Building Museum, which is a fun place to check out).

        Happy anniversary!

        1. Not far from your hotel is Bistro D'Oc. It's a great French bistro within your price range. I would try to reserve the window seat on the first floor.

          Also if you are open to dining on the earlier side, you could check out some of the pre-theater menus at some of the better restaurants in town: 701, Marcel's (there's is $52 I think), Rasika (Penn Quarter location), and J&G Steakhouse. At most of these places you'll have to dine before 6:30 or 7pm.

          For brunch/lunch near your hotel are 2 good options, Teaism and The Hamilton. Also if you want to do a blow out brunch (pretty expensive but 100% worth it) the brunch in your hotel is one of the best in town.


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            The grilled sourdough, roast chicken, swiss, bacon and avocado sandwich at the Hay-Adams is probably the best room service selection available in any hotel in DC. It's only available from the in-room dining menu.

            1. re: flavrmeistr

              Are you sure that's at the Hay Adams and not the W? I've heard the W has an amazing club sandwich that sounds almost identical and it's only available through room service. It was named one of the best sandwiches in the country.

              1. re: Elyssa

                You might be right. I remember the sandwich but not the hotel. Drat!