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Jul 3, 2013 03:31 PM

Favorite early weekday, sit-down, full service breakfast spot?

My default is Ai Fiori, but that's more a function of location than anything else.

No complaints by any means, and Ai Fiori makes a mean duck hash, and a good stiff espresso.

But are there other good suggestions in/around midtown? Sit down, full service, please. Open say around 7 am. -ish?


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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. The Brasserie on W53 just off Lexington. I like their combo of Egg Benedict, lox on bagel, pancakes and a fresh fruit cup.

      1. Benjamin steakhouse does breakfast. I've not actually tried their breakfast but I used to pick up bacon cheeseburgers at 7:30ish until they wouldn't make 'em for me any more because it was too much work in the morning.

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        1. re: SomeRandomIdiot

          Bacon cheeseburger for breakfast.

          If I did that, I think the rest of the my day would be a downer. Few things could top that ...

        2. Cafe Centro in the Met Life Building. Opens at 7:30.

          1. I've always liked the ground-floor space in the Andaz Hotel, ipse -directly across Fifth Ave from the front door of the NYPL.

            It's part of a hotel, so you'll find the usual debilities that come with (as, come to think of it, has Ai Fiori) but I find their breakfast menu quite good in its creativity, and the coffee too, and the location, and the seating, and the view, and the attentive staff.

            It should meet your criteria; give it a shot.

            Note: Wending your way into the exact breakfast space (which may have a separate name, I can't remember) is a little like finding the center of the Hampton House labyrinth -it's of a piece with the vibe in the hotel space itself which is quirky and, I suppose, wanting to be like other center-city hotels that feign impenetrability- but not impossible.

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            1. re: Phil Ogelos

              Do you mean the Bar Downstairs at the Andaz? If so, I've actually been there (since its close to the hotel I usu. stay at). They have a good Dutch pancake, and I agree it's a nice space.

              1. re: ipsedixit

                I don't know about the "Bar Downstairs", since I've never been there at night, but the place I'm talking about is at street-level (not underground), right there on the corner of Fifth and, what?, 41st.

                Maybe they turn the same space into a bar after hours (although, given how visible it is from the street, that'd surprise me. Plus, there are acres and acres of space all over that facility: scary amounts of it.)

                1. re: Phil Ogelos

                  I think we're talking about the same space, cuz there's that corner window area where you can walk-in and get a cup of coffee, right?

                  1. re: ipsedixit

                    I haven't done that walk-in coffee order, ipse, so I can't say either way, but it sounds like we're talking about the same place.
                    (I make it a point to order what morning coffee I drink from street vendors and not bricks & mortar dealers.)

                    Two little addenda:
                    1) If I ate "Egg Benedict, lox on bagel, pancakes and a fresh fruit cup" or a "bacon cheeseburger" at 7 in the morning, I'd want to fall directly back to sleep. And wait there in bed for my own personal heart attack to come and find me.
                    2) I know the boundaries of "Midtown" are amorphous, but it's really hard to conceive of Columbus Circle -for the Landmarc recommend- as being in that neighbourhood. Good to know it's there, though.

                    1. re: Phil Ogelos

                      Well.... according to this site by the NYC government, Columbus Circle is exactly on the border of 3 neighborhoods: Midtown, Clinton and Lincoln Square.

                      1. re: plf515

                        @ plf515 and Phil Ogelos

                        I hear both of you on Landmarc and Columbus Circle.

                        Like Phil, and maybe because I'm biased towards "south" Midtown as that's usually where I am staying, when I think of Midtown I don't necessarily associate it with Columbus Circle. Which is weird because I consider Marea in Midtown and that's just a stone's throw from Columbus Circle.

                        Still, it's good to know that Landmarc is an option, although if I'm up in that neck of the woods for breakfast, I usually default to Asiate.

                        Thanks again to both of you.

                        1. re: plf515

                          That neighbourhood used to be called San Juan Hill, but that was before the internet was invented.
                          Anyway, if it's above 59th St. ....

                        2. re: Phil Ogelos

                          1) If I ate "Egg Benedict, lox on bagel, pancakes and a fresh fruit cup" or a "bacon cheeseburger" at 7 in the morning, I'd want to fall directly back to sleep. And wait there in bed for my own personal heart attack to come and find me.

                          Yeah, but you have no idea what I do *before* breakfast.