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Jul 3, 2013 01:45 PM

In town for July 4th weekend, suggestions?

We're moving to Philadelphia in Aug/Sept and we're visiting this July 4th weekend (Thurs-Sun) to get a feel of the various neighborhoods and (hopefully) find a place to live. We'll be staying in Roxborough and will have a rental car. I'm looking for suggestions for craft beer, farm-to-table dining, and must-see/eat.

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  1. A lot of bars in Philly have at least a few craft beers on tap. In some neighborhoods, it comes close to all bars - though perhaps not in Roxborough (though all bars do have Yuengling on tap, which isn't craft and doesn't claim to be but is local).
    If you search this board under 'gastropub' you'll get a lot of the craft beer options. I know that across the park, in Mt. Airy and Chestnut Hill, you have a bunch of places with good beer selections (McMenamins, Earth, Goat Hollow, Cambells, Tavern on the Hill all come to mind). It's a nice neighborhood, if you're scoping out neighborhoods to live in. Center City is much more hopping, of course.

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      Right down the hill in Manayunk you have Manayunk brewing. Just outside the city and a short drive for you in Ardmore is Tired Hands Brewing that is doing some of the best craft brewing in the area.

      You should get to Reading Terminal market for food... nice place to visit though it may be mobbed over the weekend given the holiday.

      Farm to table.. Farm and Fisherman (BYO) and Talulah's Garden are two places that come to mind in Philadelphia proper.

      I strongly second Bob's suggestion of Earth Bread and Brewery for craft beer, both made on site as well as guest beers.

    2. What neighborhoods are you looking at potentially moving to? I imagine you must be moving here for some reason, like a job, if you need to live near a certain location we might be able to suggest some neighborhoods (for eating and for living) based on that.

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        Initially we'll be looking around Chestnut Hill/Mt. Airy and neighboring areas. My wife is getting her postdoc at Temple (Ambler), so it'll be a two-year stint. We want to live close enough to Center City that it's not a burden to get there, in addition to not being too far from Ambler.

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          Well if you like craft beer, you need to get to Forest and Main in Ambler. Good craft beer, including at least three beers on cask at all time. Split between English styles and Belgian styles. In a refurbished victorian house. Good food, though small menu. They also serve PA wines, but do not have a full bar. Highly recommended.

      2. Right in Roxborough don't miss D'Alessandro's for killer cheesesteaks and hoagies on Henry Avenue.
        And if you'll be settling in or around Chestnut Hill, absolutely be sure to try Stella Sera (Italian) and Heirloom (Southern oriented) for really fine vittles.

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          Good suggestions. I think we'll check out Earth Bread today. Tomorrow we'll probably spend most of our time closer to Center City.