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Jul 3, 2013 01:35 PM

New in FQ in past year or so

Dh and I were regulars in Nola up until last year when i was pregnant and now with a 6 month old, havent gotten to go down (from New York). We only have 2 nights and wondering what new restaurants have popped up..that are still around...and are worthy of dinners, brunches or lunches..snacks and just drinks too. Will stick to a few of the regulars but always like to try something new and just been out of the loop for a while now. Preferably in the FQ since we only have the 2 days. And lets say budget is unlimited. Also, always looking for something for breakfast and havent managed to find someplace with really like. Any info about the suggestions would be great as well. Tia!

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  1. Newish:
    Kingfish, where Greg Sonnier is in the kitchen:
    Restaurant R'evolution, a joint John Folse/Rick Tramonto venture:
    Plenty of new stuff in the Marigny, if you're willing to go out a bit. Mariza:

    1. Killer Poboys (in Erin Rose bar) and their soon-to-be-opened, Dis Taco (in Molly's at the Market).

      Also opening soon, Cane and Table (in the old Pravda spot).

      Galatoire's 33 Bar & Steak

      So Bou


      Dreamy Weenies

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        Thank you both. All sound very interesting and tempting. Will begin my research on all. Galatories 33 bar & Steak - very interesting! thanks again

      2. Another new one in the Quarter is Sylvain's. I haven't been there. Does anyone have a report?

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          I think Sylvain opened three years ago. If you do a search on this board, you'll find lots of mentions and comments.

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            Sylvain's is wonderful. Best of our recent trip to NOLA. I posted a review in May.

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              Sylvain is great. nice bartenders, good brunch. only wish they had a mimosa special! (restaurants with $10+ mimosas during brunch are a pet peeve...OJ and cheap sparkling wine in a 4oz glass)

            2. I second Hungry Celeste's recommendation of Mariza, in the Rice Mill. Went last night. Food was outstanding...9 of us complaints only raves.

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              1. re: TaTee

                thank you all for your recs.
                i am pouring and pouring over every option to come up with an itineary. its so hard with so much good food and way too little time.

                1. re: secondsplz

                  If you do go to Mariza, get the Caprese Crostini with Burratta cheese. Loved it so much, have been buying the cheese from St. James Cheese on Prytania.

                  1. re: TaTee

                    I should have mentioned that, while we are open to cuisine, my one exception would be italian. coming from NY and eating italian for a living practically, its too routine, no matter how good or unique. Thank you though for the added advice, It is much appreciated.

                2. if you are there on a weekend try Brunch at EAT on Dumaine in the FQ.
                  I cannot rave enough . super cute atmosphere and friendly.

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