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Jul 3, 2013 01:14 PM

Are we in soft shell crab season?

Any recos on where to get one not super upscale but more casual?

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  1. I saw it on the menu at grand central oyster bar yesterday.

    1. Yes. We are. ;-)

      Take a look at this...

      ....Dont know anything about these places personally, but it's certainly somewhere to start. Maybe you could eat your way through all ten! Just the other day I had the soft shell crab sandwich at the Palm. Crunchy and delicious! Love those things :-)

      1. Had salt & pepper SSC at Great NY Noodletown two weeks ago, and one in a spicy mango sauce at New Malaysia the week before that, both great, but l think the New Malaysia one had the edge, flavor-wise.

        1. Jean Georges for lunch - the crunchy soft shell crab with sugar snap remoulade is delicious.