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Jul 3, 2013 12:11 PM

Gluten-free vegan option at non-veggie restaurants.


I am a gluten-free vegan and I have just moved to the Bay Area. I see
that there are many great vegetarian and vegan restaurants that have
gluten-free options, which is fantastic! I would also like to find some
nice restaurants that have at least one good gluten-free vegan option
but that also serve meat so that I can eat out with people who wouldn't
want to go to a vegetarian restaurant. I am looking for restaurants in
Berkeley, Oakland and San Francisco. If other gluten-free vegans could
tell me about restaurants like this that they have discovered and the
entrees that worked for you that would be really appreciated.


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  1. Aziza. Call ahead.

    Atelier Crenn. Ditto.

    1. Gather in Berkeley. Menu items change seasonally, but they always have menu notations on items that are vegan and/or gluten free, or which can be prepared that way.

      1. I think both AQ and Bar Tartine in SF.

        Definitely Gather in Berkeley.

        1. Thank you all for those great suggestions! It would be also nice to find some casual lower end places too. Andy ideas would be great!

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            Pica Pica Maize Kitchen. Completely gluten free and lots of vegan options. Their yuca fries are killer.


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              casual omnivore place that has gluten free vegan is Chow on Church and Park Chow. They have a corn pasta and can make the dishes vegan and it's cheap.

            2. I second the recommendations for Gather. They have excellent, interesting vegan and vegetarian dishes and they clearly mark their gluten-free options. They also have meat options. The quality of the food is always high, and they always seem happy to accomodate reasonable requests. Also, excellent cocktails.