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Knife & Fork Inn/Atlantic City

ELA Jul 3, 2013 11:48 AM

I was looking for a non-casino restaurant and I ended up having dinner at the Knife & Fork Inn in Atlantic City. I was in town a few weeks earlier and had dinner at Vola's, so this time I was thinking of a few new places. The K&F is on kind of a corner of Atlantic Avenue, toward the southern end of the Boardwalk, on kind of an island/point/merge of a few streets. It's near the old Hilton Hotel & Casino (which is now the Atlantic Club).

Arrival -- valet parking, which outside of the casinos, is a real gift in AC. Very nice greeting on arrival, and a very nice looking ground floor, topped off by a nice long classic bar. The place was booked solid -- fully booked and no last minute cancellations as they were still getting calls when I got there, with people hoping for a table, cancellations, etc. The drinks at the bar were very good -- well done. Service was a tad slow, and I had trouble getting a bartender's attention, even though there were more than enough, and the bar wasn't overly crowded.

At the table -- service was very good, specifically, the descriptions of the specials were excellent, and when asked questions about them, the waitress knew those dishes very well. She was able to describe them with her own words and relate them to the listener. I liked that. As an appetizer, we had the crab and avocado tirrene -- very good! Excellent flavor, fresh, really enjoyable. The rest of the appetizers were very good as well. One hiccup -- for the salad, we ordered the classic wedge (which I usually order in a nicer restaurant when I see it on the menu; although I've been very surprised and have had very good versions at more chain-like places), however we received the classic ceasar. Now, the ceasar was very good -- flavorful dressing, but not drowning the lettuce, croutons, etc. -- just done very well, lettuce still crisp enough but married with a very good dressing.

For the entree's -- I leave you with this, the filet oscar was very good. The cut of steak was cooked perfectly, but the jumbo lump crabmeat was very good. It didn't overpower or take away from a nice, substantial filet, but it was excellent. The bernaise sauce was also extremely good -- not too thick or pasty, light enough, but with good flavors and taste. The grilled asparagus was done perfectly (for my tastes). The lobster was very good as well. They offer a tail, the whole lobster and lobster thermidor. For the sides -- I had the shrimp chorizo jambalaya, and it was excellent! Loads of taste and flavor, done very well; and while I am not a carrots fan, the braised rosemary carrots very a big hit. Very flavorful, prepared and cooked very well for my tastes/likes. Desserts -- off the specials, baked alaska was very good, excellently prepared, as was the chocolate cake special.

The ambiance was very good. Nice place, good surroundings, and the experience was excellent. I liked the fact that even though the place was sold-out, we were not crowded or jammed in. That is a big gripe of mine. I would go back in a heartbeat -- and I will. I would like to go with a some more people so that we can experience more things on the menu as I am convinced they execute very well across the board.

Anyway, if you are in AC and are looking to stay out of the casino restaurants...here is a place. Even if you are not, this is a top place to go. I liked it very much.

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