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Jul 3, 2013 10:27 AM

relaxed, cool atmosphere lunch near 38th and 8th?

Hello. Please excuse the laziness of my question. I am meeting up with a friend for lunch on 38th and 8th. Anyone have a suggestion for a mid-priced place that doesn't have that midtown crowd feel?

The places I like over there are about excellent food finds, but in this case, it's a friend who is having a hot, frantic day and I want to take her to somewhere interesting, cool and relaxing. And as close as possible to where she had to go for a meeting. My mind is blank....


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    1. I like Inakaya at W. 40 & Eighth for what you are describing. You don't have to sit at the grill but call to reserve a quiet, spacious table away from the grill, with comfortable chairs, and the vast ground floor room is airy and cool, and generally sparsely populated at lunch (unless perhaps it is a matinee day).

      I've mainly eaten big crisp salads there, and drunk cold beer, but they do have sushi, fish cooked many ways, soba and tasty small plates, including, of course, loads of grilled veg.

      Every now and then, the grill staff will give a shout out, but not to such an extent it will jar your mood or derail your conversation. It will just be interesting!